More than 2,000 human babies were permanently separated from their families in Illinois, but “progressives” celebrate the gruesome practice anyway

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Image: More than 2,000 human babies were permanently separated from their families in Illinois, but “progressives” celebrate the gruesome practice anyway

(Natural News) As the former governor of Indiana, Vice President Mike Pence apparently feels a moral obligation and duty to personally address the horrific discovery recently of thousands of murdered babies in the basement of a now-deceased abortionist from Indiana.

Pence took to Twitter to decry the unspeakable vileness of this crime, which is currently under investigation.

In case you missed it, the family of the late Dr. Ulrich Klopfer reportedly stumbled upon the fetal remains of some 2,246 aborted children that were being stored in the basement of his home, which Klopfer’s family was cleaning out following his recent death.

While it remains unknown why Klopfer was storing these fetal corpses, there’s really no potential reason that’s in any way good. At best, Klopfer had some kind of fetish for holding on to the corpses of his victims. At worst, Klopfer was selling aborted baby body parts for cash just like Planned Parenthood.

We do know that Klopfer wasn’t exactly an upstanding citizen in the eyes of the law, seeing as how his medical license was suspended back in 2015 after he failed to report an abortion he performed on a 13-year-old girl.

At this point in time, investigators aren’t sure where the aborted babies that Klopfer was storing in his basement originated. Klopfer also appears to have been practicing medicine without a license either in Indiana, where he used to practice medicine before being suspended, or in nearby Illinois, where he last lived.

“The horrific discovery of 2,246 fetal remains in abortionist Dr. Klopfer’s Illinois home is appalling & should shock the conscience of every American,” Vice President Pence tweeted. “While I was Governor of Indiana we took his medical license away & passed a law requiring fetal remains be treated with dignity.”


“His actions should be fully & thoroughly investigated, the remains of the unborn must be treated with dignity & respect & this abortionists (sic) defenders should be ashamed,” Pence went on to write. “We will always stand for the unborn.”

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Pete Buttigieg is worried that these thousands of murdered babies will get in the way of leftist political agendas

Pete Buttigieg, the current mayor of South Bend, where Klopfer’s performed abortions for decades, also chimed in on the case, expressing concern not that babies are being murdered and stored in basements, but that news like this will obstruct the pro-abortion, pro-infanticide leftist agenda.

“I … hope it doesn’t get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to health care,” Buttigieg is on the record as saying, “health care,” of course, referring to abortion.

Under Buttigieg’s watch, Klopfer had reportedly been working in multiple abortion clinics throughout the area, as well as in nearby Gary and Fort Wayne. Klopfer had an extensive history of bad record-keeping habits, and was repeatedly the subject of complaints filed by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.

In 2016, the Board discovered that Klopfer was not keeping track of the abortions he was performing at these many clinics. Klopfer was also violating Indiana’s 18-hour waiting period requirement between when a woman asks for an abortion and when it’s actually performed.

Interestingly, none of these other allegations are related to this recent fetal remains discovery, and authorities say they don’t know how these aborted baby remains ended up on Klopfer’s property.

“I’ve never seen anything like this ever,” stated Will County Sheriff Mike Kelley during a recent press conference about the ghastly nature of this horrific crime. “It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime things,” he added.

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