CNN’s climate change circus a parade of science illiteracy and left-wing lunacy

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Image: CNN’s climate change circus a parade of science illiteracy and left-wing lunacy

(Natural News) One would think that CNN would have learned by now that peddling endless fake news for a living isn’t exactly viable in the long term. But the world’s fakest cable “news” channel is still up to its same old shenanigans, claiming that all major hurricanes are man-made due to climate change, and other such nonsense.

Not a day goes by where CNN isn’t spreading some kind of fake news as fact, including that the United States is the world’s biggest polluter. In truth, China is the world’s biggest polluter, while the U.S. has actually reduced emissions by a greater amount than any other country in the world.

You can be sure that China has no plans to ban plastic straws or plastic shopping bags. And yet, CNN never talks about how the globalist production model pushed by leftists, which involves heavy manufacturing taking place in China where there are virtually no pollution restrictions, is having the greatest negative impact of all on the environment.

Or how about CNN‘s continued claim that carbon dioxide (CO2) is some kind of “pollutant” that has to be eradicated? This is, as we’ve previously reported, also a lie, as CO2 is the “life molecule” that keeps our planet alive and actually green by sustaining plant life.

Another fake news lie that continues to be repeated by CNN and many other fake news outlets is that our planet only has 12 years left before it goes kaput. This doomsday conspiracy theory has been popularized by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her so-called Green New Deal, and repeated ad nauseam by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, both of which have proven that there’s no climate conspiracy theory too insane or ridiculous that they’ won’t report on it.


If the fake news media wins the climate debate, America is toast financially and economically

The “solution” to all of these alleged climate problems, at least according to CNN, is to simply throw more taxpayer dollars at leftist politicians who claim that taxing people to death will stop “global warming.” But nobody besides the independent media is talking about what will happen once taxpayers have no more money left to be stolen from them, let alone how all this money is going to fix anything.

Truth be told, there’s no such thing as man-made climate change, at least not the kind being endlessly talked about by the mainstream media. But as one of the minions of a famous dictator once said, if you repeat a lie enough times, eventually people will believe it – and this is exactly where we are today with all the climate hysteria being spewed by the likes of CNN, which leftists seem to be buying hook, line, and sinker.

Another thing that the far-left media never mentions is how the U.S. economy is supposed to survive once fossil fuels are eliminated from the equation. You can be sure that China isn’t going to stop using them, nor is China going to stop carelessly polluting the planet as it’s currently doing anytime soon. So how, exactly, will the U.S. compete with the rest of the world once it’s only solar panels and wind turbines blanketing our landscape?

These are among the questions that never receive proper answers, and that’s because our highly controlled media doesn’t allow them to even be asked. To even suggest anything other than full adoption of the climate change conspiracy theory as it’s currently being presented to the world is to commit the unpardonable sin of climate denial, which means your social credit score is sure to suffer.

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