CNN hiring Andrew McCabe proves the fake news network is really just an extension of the treasonous deep state

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Image: CNN hiring Andrew McCabe proves the fake news network is really just an extension of the treasonous deep state

(Natural News) It’s not as though CNN had any real credibility left as a legitimate news source, having long ago abandoned any semblance of objectivity in the Age of POTUS Trump.

But based on a hiring decision announced this week, it’s become obvious that the network isn’t even trying to regain it.

Reports noted Friday that CNN has hired disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who was fired by Trump’s first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, because he’s a serial liar and because he allowed himself and the bureau to be used as political pawns by the equally corrupt Barack Obama.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway put McCabe’s hiring this way in a tweet: “Andrew McCabe, one of the central figures of the ‘Russia collusion’ hoax, who was fired from the FBI for lying about his leaks to the media, has been hired by CNN, one of the media outlets that did the most to perpetuate the damaging hoax.” 

McCabe will join another Deep State figure who also had a hand in perpetuating Spygate, which was really just a coup attempt at deposing a duly-elected president — former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. He, too, has been accused of telling serial lies to Congress — lies that, had you or I told them, would have landed us in jail.

Adding insult to injury, McCabe isn’t taking his firing lightly. He feels he was unjustly treated by the Trump administration. He believes he was fired for “political retribution” — that is, he thinks the president instructed Sessions to fire him because of Spygate (not because he was caught lying and leaking to the media). So he’s suing the administration for his pension, The National Sentinel reported earlier this month. (Related: Confirmed: Obama knew about, and was DIRECTING, the “Spygate” coup attempt against Trump from the very beginning.)


What chutzpah.

Just how serious was McCabe’s misconduct? Ironically, CNN reported in June 2018 that the Justice Department’s inspector general sent a criminal referral to the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office. At about the same time, the Washington Post reported that the same attorney’s office interviewed fired FBI Director James Comey regarding McCabe — “an indication the office is seriously considering whether [he] should be charged with a crime…”

CNN is garbage in, garbage out

He, of course, wasn’t indicted. And so far, despite ongoing investigations into Spygate and the FBI’s bogus probe into Hillary Clinton’s serial mishandling of classified data, it doesn’t look like he will be. Or anyone else tied to that massive scandal. 

Instead, McCabe has been given a platform by CNN to pontificate, lie about, and propagandize against the Trump administration ad nauseum, just like Clapper, because that’s all CNN has become: Garbage in and garbage out.

Or will he just skate? As the Washington Examiner‘s Jerry Dunleavy notes: 

McCabe is likely still being scrutinized by Horowitz as part of the DOJ watchdog’s investigation of allegations of abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The surveillance warrant applications targeting Trump associate Carter Page required the approval of top members of the FBI, the DOJ, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and the current and former government officials involved will likely face tough questions over their actions. McCabe was involved in the FISA approval process.

Dunleavy also noted that former FBI Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson told the House Judiciary and Oversight committees in 2018 that then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates approved the application before it even reached her desk, which was a highly unusual process that caused her not to second-guess her superiors at Justice.

As for CNN, the network has a long history of fake news and bogus reporting, dating all the way back to 1991, during the first Gulf War, as documented online. 

The only good thing about hiring former Obama sycophants like McCabe is that hardly anyone will see him, thanks to the network’s tanking ratings.

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