Conservative journalist Lisa Haven is a rising star in the liberty movement, which is why she’s going to be targeted soon by the Left-wing tech Nazis

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Image: Conservative journalist Lisa Haven is a rising star in the liberty movement, which is why she’s going to be targeted soon by the Left-wing tech Nazis

(Natural News) If you haven’t heard of Lisa Haven or her fledgling news network before reading this story, it isn’t for her lack of trying.

She’s become a rising conservative news star on YouTube and Brighteon, and because of that she’s far more likely to be kicked off one of those platforms very soon. 

Hint: It won’t be Brighteon. 

Haven’s hard-hitting style and no-nonsense delivery, not to mention her ability to cut to the heart of issues to deliver facts, has caught on with a growing number of fans. At present, she boasts more than 423,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, which is monetized, and has a wide array of videos also posted to her Brighteon channel (which readers will soon be able to subscribe to, along with their other favorite Brighteon channels).

In one of her recent reports she says the while Americans are being distracted with the “Clown show” otherwise known as the Democrat debates, “China amassed their troops to the Hong Kong border” in preparation for an invasion — and likely suppression of pro-democracy voices.

You may recall in recent weeks that hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong have taken to the streets several times to protest an anti-extradition bill that is extremely unpopular. Because China is an authoritarian country run by dictators in the Chinese Communist Party, use of force to suppress demonstrations is standard operating procedure.

But while much of the ‘mainstream’ media is focused on inane political minutia and theater, she’s on top of this burgeoning crisis. 

Here’s her report:

Being an effective voice for liberty also puts you in danger of being censored by the tech Nazis

She also reported recently that over the course of three days, “millions disappeared from the Internet.” But why?

“What am I talking about? I’m talking about Instagram’s latest move to censor and ban conservatives, Christians, and specifically Trump supporters,” she notes. 

“Just this last week,” she said, Instagram “removed dozens of accounts that harbored millions of followers each, some boast 70 million and others about 30 million.

“The bottom line: Millions of people were affected by this particular ban,” she said. (Related: Massive outpouring of support for the Health Ranger after outrageous YouTube censorship of entire channel, wiping 1700+ videos spanning 10+ years.)

True story. 

Here’s that report:

For months, Haven’s been concerned that her liberty-minded news coverage and hard-hitting style was going to be used as an excuse to ban her, as well. As such, she’s taken steps to ensure she can continue to deliver news and information to her growing base of fans.

But the danger is real. Just like the Instagram story she reported this week, other major tech giants have done similar things to pro-Trump, pro-conservative voices: Ban them, censor them, and suspend them, all in an effort to silence them ahead of the 2020 election.

Conspiracy theory? Of course not. We know that’s what is on the minds of the speech Nazis who run Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the other tech giants because their own people have said so. They’ve been exposed time and again by other investigative journalists and organizations like Project Veritas and, of course, our own news organization.

As for Haven, she is a force to be reckoned with, and that’s what’s got her and others concerned that she’s soon going to become a Left-wing tech ‘casualty’ as well. 

That’s what happens these days to conservative voices who are effective and trusted.

And yet, we’re supposed to believe that President Trump is the authoritarian, the fascist, the tyrant. What a crock.

Subscribe to Lisa’s YouTube channel and bookmark (for now) her Brighteon page. 

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