Those screaming loudest about “climate change” are flying around in private jets and living in luxurious, energy-wasting homes

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Image: Those screaming loudest about “climate change” are flying around in private jets and living in luxurious, energy-wasting homes

(Natural News) In Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games book series, a post-apocalyptic country named Panem is sanctioned off into twelve districts. Each district specializes in an area of production, from agriculture to technology to energy, etc. Panem is ruled by an elite group of people who control the country and its resource distribution. These elite people live luxuriously in the Capitol, where they control their own army, where they dictate the media, and where they host the country’s annual Hunger Games. The Hunger Games selects youth from each district to compete to the death in a controlled, simulated environment.

We are living in a modern day “Hunger Games”

We are living in a modern day hybrid version of the Hunger Games. Almost every media broadcast is an agenda-driven simulation of reality designed to enforce obedience to the ruling class. Those screaming loudest about “climate change” are flying around in private jets and living in luxurious, energy-wasting homes. Hollywood A-listers like Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney, Harry Styles, Chris Martin, and Katy Perry recently attended a Google Camp to raise awareness about global warming. Joined by royalty such as Prince Harry, these elitists took 114 private jets to Sicily to lecture the world on the threat of climate change. These elites lecture about overpopulation and farmers raising cows that fart out too much CO2. They lecture about ranchers driving gas guzzling trucks and how our carbon footprint is too big. We the people, working in the districts, are supposed to feel guilty for causing this so-called man made “climate change.” Much like the Hunger Games series, the people working in the districts are taught to “give up” their own kids, sacrificing the next generation for the benefit of the ruling class and the continuity of the system they established.


Today, these elite “environmental activists” strut around the world in their private jets, pumping out more CO2 in one flight than the entire working middle class sacrifices while driving to work. These elitists lecture that the people are having too many kids; essentially we are being told to “give up” our own families, ambitions, and goals to please the ruling elite and support their arrogant dreams.

What do the ruling elite want? Google is no longer a search engine that provides the search results you want. Google is using algorithms on your search query to provide search results that manipulate your perception. Google and the elites in Silicon Valley not only want your compliance to topics such as climate change but they want you to accept depopulation efforts and geoengineering of the Earth’s skies – a manipulation simulation that looks a lot like the Hunger Games. Even worse, if these elites get their way and eliminate carbon from the atmosphere, agriculture will be restricted and food supplies will be rationed, beckoning the world into a real life game of hunger and starvation.

Yes, most people want to live on a planet that is clean and less polluted, but they don’t want to pay reparations to the elite ruling glass, submitting to carbon taxes and geoengineering schemes that have unintended consequences. The real problem with the environment is the Hollywood A-listers who fly around the world pretending they can save the planet. Moreover, eliminating carbon from the atmosphere will have unintended consequences.

It’s easy to photograph a chunk of ice breaking off of Greenland in the summer months, but no one is under water during the winter documenting how the ice forms slowly along the bottom. It’s easy to cherry-pick temperature data during a warm front, as long as the data allows you to confirm a theory that will keep money rolling in to fund your “research.

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