Twitter approves ex-CNN host’s tweet that calls for ERADICATION of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway… somehow that’s not “hate” according to Twitter’s standards

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Image: Twitter approves ex-CNN host’s tweet that calls for ERADICATION of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway… somehow that’s not “hate” according to Twitter’s standards

(Natural News) Muslim writer and former CNN host Reza Aslan is once again spreading hate on Twitter – and because this hate is directed towards conservatives, Twitter is giving him a free pass to carry on tweeting, no questions asked.

The same guy that infamously tweeted that Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann has a “punchable face,” Aslan more recently tweeted that Americans “need to eradicate” Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway because she’s “evil.”

Aslan became triggered after Conway tweeted on her own Twitter account in the aftermath of the alleged double mass shooting that Americans need to set aside their partisan differences and “understand depraved evil & to eradicate hate.”

Since Aslan apparently believes that the Trump administration is the embodiment of evil, he was quick to childishly retort back to Conway that she is “‘the depraved evil’ we need to eradicate.”

As you may recall, Aslan was fired from CNN back in 2017 for calling President Donald Trump a “piece of s***.” And he’s now once again diving right into the fray of current political circus, stoking the flames of division as best he can.

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Interestingly, Aslan’s online rhetoric would have gotten him canned a long time ago from Twitter, and presumably other social media platforms, were it directed towards liberals. But because conservatives are the targets, Twitter has announced its full approval.

In a statement given off the record to The Daily Wire, a Twitter employee reportedly admitted that Aslan’s tweet “does no break our rules at this time,” indicating that said “rules” bend and sway depending on the political party being digitally assaulted.

Meanwhile, the “crime” of “migendering” someone – that is, calling a mentally-ill “trans” person by his or her biologically-correct adjective – will get you canned from Twitter for “hateful conduct” faster than a liberal trying to get to her next “Orange Man Bad” parade.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, Aslan is notorious for deflecting criticism levied against him for his crude rhetoric with even more crude rhetoric. In the case of this latest attack against Kellyanne Conway and the ruckus that’s ensued, Aslan has publicly dismissed it as “b*******.”

According to Aslan, calling for a woman with different political beliefs than his own to be “eradicated” is fully justified because Conway herself, he claims, was being hateful with her own call to “eradicate hate.”

It requires plenty of mental gymnastics to try to make heads or tails of Aslan’s thinking process, here, but it is what it is – and it’s exactly the type of deranged ideology that millions of other far-left lunatics in America today also apparently believe.

Keep in mind that Aslan isn’t just loony when it comes to politics. As we previously covered back in 2017, before he was fired from CNN, Aslan actually promoted human cannibalism by consuming a cooked human brain on camera.

Perhaps it was this act of eating human flesh that pushed Aslan’s thinking ability over the edge into absolute mental insanity. Or perhaps it was simply lingering all along underneath the surface, just waiting for the right triggers to bring it all into the light for the world to see.

“Surely Aslan’s comment deserves some kind of police attention,” noted one Life Site News commenter in response to the situation. “Uttering threats to kill is still a crime the last time I checked.”

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