As she lies to voters about plans to fight Big Pharma, Elizabeth Warren exposed for siding with Dow Chemical against breast implant victims

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Image: As she lies to voters about plans to fight Big Pharma, Elizabeth Warren exposed for siding with Dow Chemical against breast implant victims

(Natural News) Native American wannabe and political grifter Elizabeth Warren has been caught in yet another campaign lie, this time pertaining to her alleged legal work on behalf of breast implant victims injured by products made by Dow Chemical.

Despite claiming that she worked on behalf of these victims when she still practiced law privately, Warren actually went to bat for Dow Chemical, it’s now been revealed – which directly contradicts Warren’s claim that, if elected president, she’ll work on behalf of the American people to fight Big Pharma.

It was back in 2012 when the group Legal Insurrection first began uncovering the truth about Warren’s erroneous claims, revealing that “Pocahontas,” as she’s been named by President Trump, isn’t exactly being honest about her past legal work.

Instead of fighting for the little guy like she now pretends to have done before entering the political arena, Warren was actually an ally of major corporations, and worked on their behalf against the interests of patients, consumers, and the public she’s now pandering to as she attempts to become the first female president in 2020.

It was none other than The Washington Post that recently broke the news about Warren’s lies, which were quickly buried after President Trump tweeted about “The Squad,” sparking a multi-week melee over his alleged “racist” sentiments against Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and Ayanna Pressley.

“The WaPo report should have been massive news, particularly with the second Democratic debate coming up this week,” wrote William A. Jacobson for Legal Insurrection.


“It should have been the subject of other news coverage about Warren’s private legal practice, and other Democrat presidential candidates should have been talking about how it works against Warren much as Joe Biden’s past is used against him.”

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While it’s no secret that politicians routinely lie, Warren’s whole life seems to be a lie

But because of “The Squad” fiasco, the Warren story quickly dropped out of the news cycle, even though it arguably holds top priority as we move towards the 2020 presidential election cycle.

It’s important to note that the WaPo piece in question was hardly an act of mudslinging against Warren, seeing as how its author, Annie Linskey, has long come to Warren’s defense on other issues, including the claim that she’s of Native American ancestry.

According to Linskey, Warren never used this claim to “get ahead” in life. But Linksey also now admits that Warren isn’t being truthful about the type of legal work she was involved with, and is misrepresenting herself to potential voters.

“The point of all this is that Linskey is someone with whom the Warren campaign has been willing to share information, and who the campaign has cited favor with,” adds Jacobson.

“Linskey cannot in any way be construed as hostile to Warren, so the findings of the latest investigation cannot be attacked by Warren and her supporters as a smear by a ‘right-wing extremist.'”

As it turns out, Warren worked on at least 56 different legal cases during her time as a Harvard Law School professor, charging as much as $675 per hour for her services – this number being far higher than what the Warren campaign has been claiming.

Back in 2012, Warren, who was then running for the Senate, released a list of only 13 cases she had worked on, omitting the many dozens of others that have since come to light. We also now know that, concerning Warren’s alleged Native American ancestry, her ancestors were actually members of a militia that separated Cherokee children from their parents.

According to Jacobson, Warren has a pattern of only disclosing things that she thinks people already know. And as the public learns more about what she’s not disclosing, she “acts preemptively to get ahead of bad news.”

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