Leftists declare that saying the word “America” is now racist and offensive… peak libtard has arrived

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Image: Leftists declare that saying the word “America” is now racist and offensive… peak libtard has arrived

(Natural News) According to the “Inclusive Communications Task Force” at Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins, it’s no longer acceptable to say “America” or “Americans” because these words are “racist” and “non-inclusive.”

Along with phrases like “food coma” and “long time no see,” the words “America” and “Americans” apparently trigger the left, and thus must be banned from conventional vernacular to make “everyone on campus feel welcomed, respected, and valued.”

“America encompasses more than just the U.S.,” CSU’s “Inclusive Language Guide” contends.

“There is South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean just to name a few of 42 countries in total,” it adds. “That’s why the word ‘americano’ in Spanish can refer to anything on the American continent.

People who continue to use the word “American” to describe Americans will effectively be “eras[ing] other cultures and depict[ing] the United States as the dominant American country,” the guide goes on to claim.

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CSU hilariously claims that demonizing the English language isn’t “political correctness” or “policing grammar”

Apparently recognizing that needlessly assaulting the English language like this is sure to draw plenty of mockery and scorn from society’s normal members, CSU leadership has already issued a disclaimer that says the language changes aren’t “official policy” or “required practice.”


Hilariously, the school is also claiming that none of its suggestions are “about political-correctness or policing grammar,” but rather about “helping communicators practice inclusive language.”

“The guide certainly does encompass a great deal of everyday, common expressions, and it is possible that the speech of some students will be chilled if they are confused into thinking that the document represents official policy of the university,” admits Azhar Majeed, a spokesman for the free speech advocacy group Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

“However, given the introductory language … I think it would be unlikely that any student carefully reading the guide would be mistaken and led to believe they could face disciplinary action for their speech.”

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CSU says using the phrase “cake walk” is racist because it somehow promotes black slavery

Much like what City University of New York (CUNY) – Guttman is trying to do with its ridiculous “Gender Identity and Pronouns” manifesto, CSU is aiming to completely transform the English language into leftist group-speech, where every word and phrase must first be pre-screened and approved by the thought police in order to be considered “acceptable” for speaking or writing.

This is the First Amendment to the Constitution on the chopping block, folks – and it’s happening at “schools” that your tax dollars are keeping afloat. In other words, if you want it to stop, then you’re going to have to take some decisive action in the form of civil disobedience, no matter the consequences, if this country stands any chance of surviving this onslaught of speech tyranny.

Keep in mind that it’s not just words like “America” that are now being targeted for eliminated. Phrases like “cake walk,” for instance, are also being phased out because, get this, they supposedly invoke black slavery and minstrelsy – meaning it promotes a “simplified depiction of another culture, especially black African, for entertainment purposes.”

“So ‘African-American’ is now officially offensive?” wrote one commenter at The College Fix. “Once again, political correctness goes full-circle and bites itself in the ass.”

“When I find myself confronted by a censorious cultist who feigns to be offended by my use of the term American, rather than bicker with the misguided, I refer to myself as a USer (pronounced: user),” joked another.

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