Cory Booker is LYING about accepting money from Big Pharma

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Image: Cory Booker is LYING about accepting money from Big Pharma

(Natural News) The clown show known as the Democratic debates featured an extensive lineup of pandering fools, as you probably well know, that promised everything from free health care for illegal aliens to free abortions for transgender men who think they’re women. One of the clowns, Cory Booker, even laughably promised to take on Big Pharma, even though Booker accepts money from Big Pharma, despite having claimed that he doesn’t.

After Booker was caught lying on the national stage about his financial ties to Big Pharma, his campaign was forced to return the cash, which was somehow supposed to validate Booker’s previous claim during the debates that he does not solicit donations from the pharmaceutical industry.

In case you missed it, Booker was adamantly defiant when pressed about Big Pharma, claiming that he believes pharmaceutical companies should be “held criminally liable” for epidemics like the opioid crisis. The former Newark mayor went on to state, on record, that his campaign does not take contributions from the drug industry’s corporate PACs and executives.

However, an investigation by ABC News, no less, revealed that, according to the disclosure reports filed by Booker’s campaign with the Federal Election Commission, Booker has, in fact, accepted several donations from the pharmaceutical industry, including from drug cartel executives and leaders.

After ABC News reported on its findings as part of a fact-check, the Booker campaign announced that it was planning to return a $2,800 donation it had received from Eagle Pharmaceutical Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Michael Cordera.


Never fear: Cory Booker has NO chance at becoming president in 2020

None of this will likely matter, though, because Booker is just about out of the race anyway. According to the Associated Press (AP), Booker was about “30,000 donors away from the threshold” required to be invited to future debates, which means he’s pretty much out of the running at this point.

The same is true for Kirsten Gillibrand, whose father worked for the infamous NXIVM sex cult that trafficked underage children and hid the whole operation behind the guise of “daycare centers” and other fronts.

Things aren’t looking too good for Julian Castro, either, as the candidate’s hilarious plan to provide taxpayer-funded abortions for transgender “women” who can’t even get pregnant apparently didn’t go over so well with viewers and potential supporters.

Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California who threatened on Twitter to nuclear bomb the American people, has already dropped out of the race, and will likely soon be followed by these others, including Booker, who’s campaign is now trying to play the race card in claiming that voters are shying away from Booker because he’s black.

“His campaign insists he will hit polling and fundraising marks, but his allies are concerned by what they see as an inherent bias among online donors who traditionally skew white … Steve Phillips, an African American donor, activist and civil rights lawyer, said the fundraising requirements are unfair to black voters,” the AP is reporting, citing claims by Booker’s campaign that the candidate isn’t doing as well as planned because voters are racist.

According to CNN, Booker’s super PAC has failed miserably to reach its fundraising goals, having garnered only a measly $1.1 million during the first six months of 2019 – which is far less than what his competitors have raised.

“I remain confident there’s going to be $5 million to $10 million for an independent effort for him,” stated Steve Phillips, a San Francisco lawyer and veteran Democratic donor to CNN about his belief that Booker still somehow stands a chance at being nominated.

“This is really a down payment on that. It’s just been a little bit slower than initially anticipated.”

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