Our corrupt “mainstream media” played a HUGE role in covering up for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

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Image: Our corrupt “mainstream media” played a HUGE role in covering up for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

(Natural News) How is it possible that a jet-setting billionaire who happens to be a serial pedophile get away with it for so long without more Americans knowing about it?

Two reasons: Power, and a complicit media.

Most people aren’t aware of this, but Jeffrey Epstein, who was arrested over the weekend and charged with several counts of sex trafficking of underage minor girls between 2002 and 2005, has already been convicted — sort of — for doing the same thing.

About a decade ago he was given a sweetheart deal arranged by his high-priced, high-powered lawyers by the then-U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida — now POTUS Trump’s Labor secretary, Alex Acosta, though Acosta isn’t to blame for it. Epstein’s lawyers managed to keep him out of jail, for the most part; his plea arrangement allowed him to spend only his nights in county lock-up, while allowing him to remain free to go to his office during the day.

That’s power.

Now, let’s look at the complicit media.

According to Vicky Ward, an investigative reporter, Vanity Fair edited a piece she wrote about Epstein in 2002 — around the time he was allegedly running the sex trafficking rings, according to his latest indictment — in an effort to keep Epstein from being further scrutinized legally.

“In 2002, I was assigned to write a profile of Jeffrey Epstein for Vanity Fair. This was that piece. But what was published was far from the whole story,” Ward tweeted this week following Epstein’s arrest in New York City. 

Her tweet included a link to the edited/whitewashed piece.

In subsequent tweets, Ward noted, “I uncovered many concrete, irrefutable examples of strange business practices and it soon became quite clear: Jeffrey Epstein was most certainly not who and what he claimed to be. (Related: Pathetic mainstream media attempting to tie POTUS Trump to serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when it’s Bill Clinton who took LOTS of trips on the “Lolita Express.”)

Oddly, this reporter blames herself for Epstein’s behavior

“I was a little mystified at how benignly he responded to my questions about his suspicious business activities,” she went on. “The thing I noticed was that he was *much* more focused on another topic: He would ask me again and again, ‘What do you have on the girls?’” 

“I did indeed have something ‘on the girls’ — three remarkably brave first-person accounts from a mother and her two daughters about how Epstein had tried to seduce both daughters, the younger sister then only 16,” Ward wrote.


Once she submitted her final draft to Vanity Fair, Ward said editor Graydon Carter informed her he would be taking out any and all information related to Epstein’s victims — claiming, remarkably, that Epstein was “sensitive” about mentions regarding young girls.


“After I filed the piece, I was told that Graydon Carter was cutting the testimony of Maria Farmer, her mother, and her sister from the piece, erasing all mention of these brave women who had come forward with their stories of abuse,” Ward noted further.

Then Ward appeared to blame herself, amazingly, for what transpired.

“I have thought often about the fact that if my piece had been published in full—with the names and stories of these women—the FBI may have come after Epstein sooner and perhaps some of his victims would have been saved,” she tweeted.

Well, yes, perhaps so. But what was she to do? As a journalist she was under no legal ‘reporting’ duty. And she had nothing in terms of evidence to turn over to police.

Just a story. And one that lots of people in Epstein’s circles knew but never discussed. Because power. And money.

And that, of course, includes the garbage “mainstream” media, which is complicit in all scandals involving Democrats and their supporters.

Read more about the fake news media’s corruption at NewsFakes.com and Corruption.news.

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