Swimming in HALF TRUTHS – American consumers are getting hoodwinked, even when they think they’ve got their health figured out

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Image: Swimming in HALF TRUTHS – American consumers are getting hoodwinked, even when they think they’ve got their health figured out

(Natural News) As the $100-billion-dollar-a-year organic industry flourishes worldwide, adding another $10 billion per year now, the “all natural” food myth dies, as people figure out how bad GMO and “conventional” American produce really is for the human body and mind. When the “other half” of the health-conscious consumers in this country figure out that “all natural” and “natural” don’t mean a damn thing, the organic industry revenue could skyrocket even more, maybe 20 percent more over the next five years.

Organic markets are booming right now, as we all get smarter, seeking the WHOLE truth about our food, water and medicine

Anyone who wants to be healthy, who actually reads real news about the organic world, already knows that labels like “all natural” and “natural foods” mean next to nothing. Look it up and you’ll find unlimited definitions, all of which are vague and not inspected by the FDA or USDA as actually coming straight from Nature, untainted. Does “all natural” mean the food is not processed? Nope. What percent of those ingredients are unnatural? 90 percent? Also, where are the “raw” materials coming from, because that’s one huge reason Whole Foods never labeled everything that’s GMO in their store by 2018, like they swore they would, don’t you know. Yep, that time came and went.

Hey, Big Biotech and Big Food, are you appealing to our natural inclinations again so you can hoodwink us all into eating pesticide-laden food again? You sure do toss that “natural” word around a lot. The biggest chemical-agriculture crop criminals love to use organic industry terminology to lie and label their own nightmares as “sustainable” and “eco-friendly.”

So many American consumers fall for it all though, hook, line and sinker. They take the bait, literally. People trying to eat healthy think they really are, and all the while “natural” and “organic canola” have them hoodwinked, and suffering health problems their M.D.s just can’t figure out (think allergies, skin problems, breathing problems, memory problems, mild depression and moderate anxiety).

Did you think you were eating clean meat because it says “natural” on the meat label? You do know that has nothing at all to do with being free range or organic, right? All that tells you is that it’s actually meat, and not some lab-made concoction that resembles meat. Except for now there’s ‘beyond meat’ and the Impossible Burger, that leave much to be desired in regards to monitoring your health (think lab-made Frankenfood here).

Are you kind of doing it right, the “good health” thing, or not really that well at all?

Pesticide is the mother word for all chemicals in agriculture that kill bugs, weeds, bacteria, viruses, and animals that eat or destroy crops before they can be harvested. Are you swimming in half truths? Does your medical doctor lie to you and tell you all your health problems are genetic – inherited from your parents and their parents? What’s your scapegoat for your chronic sniffling, coughing, itching, forgetting and neglecting?

When the consumers who think they’re “doing it right” drop the canola, the “all natural” products, the conventional DEAD salads, and get a fluoride filter for the tap, that’s when they’ll realize most or all of their health problems root in the gut. That’s when they can fix their own problems and the research starts paying off big time.

How healthy is that organic salad when you drench it dressing that contains toxic canola oil?

Is your blood and oxygen having trouble flowing through arteries and veins because animal fat and canola got them all stopped up and clogged? Is enough oxygen getting to your brain right now to understand that you must read the labels on everything you buy these days, and filter out all the major culprits of cancer, heart disease and dementia. If you just eat organic occasionally, and avoid fast food and flu shots, that’s not enough. If you think “some” prescription medicines work and “preservative free” flu shots are safe and effective, you have much to learn, my friend.

Please, stop putting canola oil on that organic salad. Stop believing “all natural” means anything important at all, because it doesn’t. Tune in to Pesticides.News to find out how Big Food, Big Biotech and Big Pharma want you swimming in half-truths, because those are the shark-infested waters where YOU are the “chum” for the next feeding frenzy.

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