Scientific American admits: Extraterrestrials likely to be far more intelligent than humans… and we’re stupid to deny their existence

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Image: Scientific American admits: Extraterrestrials likely to be far more intelligent than humans… and we’re stupid to deny their existence

(Natural News) In case you haven’t noticed, articles about extraterrestrial intelligence have been appearing with increasing frequency across the mainstream media and scientific establishment. It’s no longer “fringe” to talk about intelligent, non-Earth civilizations, and the really forward looking scientific thinkers are finally starting to ask questions about what may await us after disclosure is acknowledged.

Case in point: This March 4, 2019 article in Scientific American asks, “Are we really the smartest kid on the cosmic block?” The subhead warns:

It’s unlikely, and if we keep thinking otherwise, we might be missing some important clues about the existence of extraterrestrial life

The article goes on to argue that continued denialism about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is a great disservice to humanity. It also seems obvious that humanity is rather stupid and it wouldn’t take much for a non-Earth civilization to be more intelligent than modern-day human civilization.

In fact, as the article points out, ET denialism is a defining characteristic of humanity’s stupidity. As the article explains:

One fact is clear: if we assign a zero prior probability for such evidence coming our way, as some scientists did in the case of ‘Oumuamua by invoking the principle “it’s never aliens,” we will indeed never find any. We will be like ostriches burying our heads in the sand. In fact, this attitude may be one sign that our intelligence isn’t very impressive—that the human race as a whole suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect, in which those with mediocre abilities insist that they’re unusually talented or smart.


With an estimated 400 billion stars in our own galaxy alone, it’s insane to think that at least tens of millions of those stars don’t harbor planets with intelligent life. And some of that life must be — by sheer chance alone — millions of years more advanced than our own civilization (which is barely a few thousand years old). It’s not “fringe” to believe that extraterrestrials exist in our galaxy… it’s fringe to think that they don’t.

The history of science is full of denialism and efforts to block the progress of knowledge

What’s especially noteworthy in the Scientific American article is how it highlights historical examples of scientific denialism where the scientific establishment insisted that new discoveries couldn’t possibly be true since they conflicted with then-dominant models of reality.

It’s difficult to observe today’s scientific establishment and not see it as a kind of obedience cult that demands absolute conformity to all its core beliefs, no matter how sharply such beliefs contradict physical reality. With today’s science establishment now embracing transgenderism while discarding reproductive biology, chromosomes and genetics, it’s not difficult to see that so-called “science” has become nothing more than a dangerous political cult that’s filled with insane, delusional ideas that grossly diverge from truth or reality.

For example, the entire science establishment in power today insists that carbon dioxide will destroy planet Earth, kill the ecosystems and destroy humanity. Yet CO2 is the single most important greening molecule for plant life across the planet. It’s the key driver of photosynthesis, and without it, every food web on the planet would collapse almost overnight. Yet somehow, the very same “science” establishment that now says men and women can both have babies (because gender is a “choice,” they claim) also insists that carbon dioxide is a poison to plants and a “pollutant” to the entire planet.

When “science” becomes delusional, it can no longer be called science at all. And when “science” misses for far bigger picture of what’s really happening across our cosmic landscape — such as the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations that observe our own planet — then science becomes a hindrance to humanity.

Rather than the quest for knowledge, the “science” of today has become a destroyer of knowledge and an enforcer of false facts. This is how we end up with a scientific establishment that pushes false, delusional ideas such as the assertion that vaccines never harm anyone even when the government’s Health and Human Services department releases quarterly statistics on the number of children who have been harmed, hospitalized or killed by vaccines.

The “science” establishment has failed humanity (and isn’t really rooted in science at all)

As operated today, “science” has failed humanity. But that’s only because it isn’t real science at all. Real science would focus on the quest for knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge, but what we see today is the organized destruction of knowledge, censorship of knowledge and the de-funding of any science investigation that might threaten the profit interests of powerful corporations that manufacture pharmaceuticals, herbicides or vaccines.

For example, the vaccine industry has now managed to convince every major tech platform (including Vimeo, MailChimp, Facebook, Google, Twitter and others) to censor all criticism of vaccines or their ingredients, effectively silencing any analysis that documents risks in vaccine ingredients or vaccine administration to very young infants. This censorship demand of the vaccine industry is rooted in intellectual bigotry with the claim that, “Vaccine science can never be wrong.” The absurd insistence that the vaccine industry — run by imperfect human beings — can never make a mistake (even when many vaccines have been recalled over the decades, and even when the U.S. government has already paid out billions of dollars in settlements to families of vaccine damaged children) is indicative of the depths of intellectual dishonesty and medical fascism that now characterize the so-called “science” establishment.

If extraterrestrial civilizations are observing our behavior — and surely they are — they would inevitably conclude that humanity is incredibly stupid if not downright suicidal. What kind of advanced civilization maims its own children with unsafe medical interventions while censoring all investigations into the causes of autism and neurological disorders that repeatedly emerge in the hours following immunization? You’d have to be stupid not to see the simple truth that vaccines cause autism in children; yet every establishment in our modern world — science, medicine, media, tech giants — insists that autism has nothing at all to do with vaccines. And we’re supposed to believe them because they care so much about children that they’ve censored all opposing views to make sure no whistleblower or independent researcher can ever challenge the “cult of scientism.”

Yes, human civilization is incredibly stupid. We are the only species on the planet that maims our own children with medical technology. This simple fact has not gone unnoticed by non-Earth observers. Even common rats don’t neurologically damage their offspring with dangerous injections of neurotoxic substances like aluminum and mercury. It takes a human parent to be that stupid.

Has Earth been scheduled for depopulation?

That’s why non-Earth entities have, I believe, already slated our planet for depopulation and reassignment by non-Earth entities. The Earth is too valuable to allow it to be destroyed by human beings, of course, which is why the countdown to human depopulation is already underway.

That’s the topic of my live presentation at the upcoming “True Legends” conference in Branson, Missouri, this September 13 – 15. I am not compensated for purchases of tickets, and the event is already 3/4ths sold out, but if you want tickets to attend in person (or wish to watch the live stream of the event), you can find details at the website (click on “shop” in the upper right corner to purchase tickets, live streaming or a DVD conference set).

Watch my video here for an introduction to the topic I’ll be presenting at the True Legends conference, and start noticing how often the “mainstream” media is now mentioning UFOs, extraterrestrials and non-Earth influences.

Also, don’t miss my recent interview with Dave Hodges, where we discuss the terraforming topic in great detail:

Stay informed, and you just might be able to survive the cosmic death sentence that the scientific establishment has brought down upon us all.


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