Every CRISPR-modified crop has been genetically altered in a laboratory, is no longer “natural” and is most certainly “GMO”

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Image: Every CRISPR-modified crop has been genetically altered in a laboratory, is no longer “natural” and is most certainly “GMO”

(Natural News) Boosting food production for the human race is quite simple and has already been solved ten times over, but Big Food and Biotech want no part of it. Vertical indoor gardening solves food shortage problems without pesticides, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint, all while using much less acreage. We’re talking about high density, hydroponic indoor farms that monitor and control nutrient concentration, humidity, CO2 levels in the air, temperature, and number of daylight hours (think “vertical acres”). This type of organic farming could feed the world nutritious food, but Biotech would rather screw with the genes of plants, remove and replace DNA sequences, then load up those same crops with chemical pesticides. You see, CRISPR are DNA sequences in bacteria that contain the DNA of viruses that previously attacked. These CRISPR families of DNA are then supposedly used to fight other produce and crop viruses, but what else do they kill?

Genetically modifying organisms means scientists in laboratories experiment with deadly pesticides and strands of viruses, inserting them into your food

They can doctor up the language all they want, but the end result is food that causes cancer, dementia, and altered gut bacteria in humans. We’ve seen it time and time again. The Big Biotech goons all author the same boring articles about feeding a starving world, that’s burning up from global warming, and being consumed by bugs and weeds and blight, and blah, blah, blah.

The Monsanto shills spew the myths about increasing crop yields, while the superbugs and superweeds become immune to the cancer-causing “infusions” and DECREASE yield of all things GMO. Oh the irony.


No testing on humans is ever done by mainstream science because they know the horrors. That’s why all their own “safety studies” are cut short, just before disease and disorder takes root and manifests in massive tumors and cleansing organ failure (think kidney and liver here). Yes, this science is “settled” in peer-reviewed research that followed all the correct protocols. Look it up. Read. Learn. Remember. Shop accordingly.

GMO shills LIE and say gene editing is not “GMO” because they’re paid big bucks to sell America cancer-causing dementia food

If GMO and CRISPR technologies were really great and helpful and healthy, then those companies that perform those corrupt acts on plant genes would absolutely love to label every single plant, fruit and vegetable as such, but of course, that’s never the case. In fact, these industries donate the most funds to preventing those labels from ever getting slapped on their Franken-foods, knowing sales would plummet over night.

If you would like to see the secret slush-fund donors list – all those companies who pour in money to stop and prevent the labeling of GMO and CRISPR food, just check this published list of racketeers and hustlers. They’re all hacks and charlatans, promoting the deadly food racket like one huge Ponzi scheme. Still want to march for the cure? Grab those pink ribbons and a bucket of chicken, we’ll meet you at the city park.

Pest resistance technology delivers a toll of human deaths across Earth

If you think genome editing is scary, you’re not alone. As humans begin to consume plants that have their cells modified in labs to contain strange new bacteria and viruses they’ve never contained before, new genetic mutations and health “errors” are showing up in U.S. hospitals. We’re seeing surges in autism, dementia, skin allergies, ADD, ADHD, respiratory disorders, panic attacks, and overall confusion. Most of these disorders and diseases boil right back to gut bacteria imbalances and the destruction of flora by GMO pesticides.

Would you care to alter your cells so they can’t fight certain infections? Eat CRISPR and GMO. Would you care to destroy some of your gastrointestinal microbes by eating some virus and bacteria strains and strands that dissolve insect’s digestive tracts? Wouldn’t you love to eat some plants that contain pesticide genes that kill every other plant on Earth, except for the one you’re eating? What’s in your corn, soy and canola? You better ask. All things CRISPR are genetically modified. The science is settled.

The entire CRISPR system is derived from foreign bacteria and inserted into the DNA of plant cells, creating a new, dangerous, untested “trait.” That’s GMO – genetically modifying organisms by removing and then replacing genes in laboratories. Any way you “slice it” or splice it, we all know it’s a major health gamble for consumers that Biotech refuses to address or clinically test.

The FDA and CDC are complacent too. They’re all in on the corruption of food and medicine, always calling it “safe and effective” when it’s anything but that. Tune in to FakeScience.news for updates on American scientists getting paid to lie about harmful foods, chemicals in crops, and all the rest of the GMO and CRISPR nightmares.

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