AOC and the Dems are crying about children at the border, but they couldn’t care less about China mass-harvesting organs from millions of people

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Image: AOC and the Dems are crying about children at the border, but they couldn’t care less about China mass-harvesting organs from millions of people

(Natural News) By now, you’ve probably heard about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) infamous border stunt, in which she stood next to a fence surrounding an empty parking lot, donned in her designer outfit and $1,000 watch, and had the media take pictures of her pretending to cry about the nonexistent migrant children on the other side being held in invisible detention cages. But where is AOC in lamenting the real-life fate of the many thousands of religious and political prisoners in China who are right now having their organs forcibly extracted from their bodies as part of the communist country’s illicit organ harvesting racket?

Not once has AOC talked about this mass genocide taking place in China, which is reportedly now spreading to Canada as well. As described by Dr. Torsten Trey, executive director of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), it’s a “systematic, large-scale forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience in China” that “has to be addressed” – though not a single Democrat, including AOC, has even bothered to mention it.

Since forced organ harvesting is now crossing China’s borders and reaching the West, it’s critical that someone in authority at least give it a mention, seeing as how it directly conflicts with the “American values” that leftists are constantly whining about with regards to immigration policies that deal with illegal aliens. But as of this writing, it’s not on a single politician’s radar, which means very few Americans even know it’s happening.


“Parliamentary hearings in several countries have heard evidence on the issue, and some have passed legislation in response,” reads a docket published by the China Tribunal, an independent, nonpartisan investigatory group that’s been aggressively trying to sound the alarm about China’s crimes against humanity. “To date however, there has been no investigation into what, if any, crimes have been committed by such forced organ harvesting by the Chinese State or state-approved bodies.”

Part of what the Tribunal uncovered includes evidence that China has been killing political prisoners of conscience and harvesting their organs since at least 2006, which is when eyewitnesses began to come forward with evidence of these crimes. The Tribunal has thus concluded that various elements of genocide taking place in China are now “clearly established,” and are part of its high-profit underground organ trading scheme.

The DAFOH is in full support of the Tribunal’s findings, having reiterated that “further investigations” need to take place to get to the bottom of the situation. The group is also urging Congress “to launch formal proceedings to determine the extent of the practice and the degree to which it constitutes genocide.”

But will Congress actually act? With one half of the aisle obsessed with impeaching President Trump and making much ado about former President Obama’s carryover policies that involve “caging” illegal immigrant children and “separating” them from their parents, it’s highly unlikely.

“Congress could bring the forced organ harvesting in China to its end if it would be determined to do so,” Dr. Trey contends. “Who would seek a trade deal with a perpetrator of a genocide? Wouldn’t such a trade deal also be used to cover up a genocide? The ethical foundation of such a trade deal would be missing.”

Based on the findings of the Tribunal and DAFOH, China’s communist regime is currently engaged in a “cold genocide,” whereby it targets people that believe something other than the official government religion of atheism. In this case, members of the Falun Gong religion, as well as Muslims and Christians, are China’s most prominent victims.

“The campaign to label Falun Gong as a ‘cult’ has become part of the cold genocide, as it tries to conceal the eradication of the group,” Dr. Trey adds. “The Tribunal established that elements of genocide against Falun Gong have occurred. But it could not conclude whether there was intent, which is an important component to define genocide.”

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