Taiwan citizens protest communist Chinese infiltration of their national media… but U.S. citizens say nothing as the same happens in America

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Image: Taiwan citizens protest communist Chinese infiltration of their national media… but U.S. citizens say nothing as the same happens in America

(Natural News) While some immigrants to the United States have lived under socialist or Communist authoritarianism, no native-born citizens have, though liberals will swear to you that POTUS Donald Trump is a tyrant.

He’s not, of course, and never has been, yet the so-called “mainstream” American media foment and enable that lie simply because they oppose not just his administration but loathe him as a person.

And yet, if anyone has been co-opted by a tyrannical ideology, it’s our establishment media, which serves as the propaganda division for the closest thing America has to a functional Communist organ: The Democrat Party.

But not all free people accept Communist infiltration — of their government or their media. That’s especially true in Taiwan, whose people live under direct threat of forceful Communist subjugation from mainland China.

Over the weekend tens of thousands — not just a few thousand — Taiwanese flooded the rain-soaked streets in the capital of Taipei, in front of the presidential office building, to protest pro-China infiltration into Taiwanese media, as reported by The Epoch Times.

The site noted: 

Tens of thousands of Taiwanese citizens braved heavy rain for more than four hours on June 23 to attend a Taipei rally calling for a ban on pro-Beijing media outlets that push the Chinese regime’s agenda. …

In recent years, the Chinese regime has infiltrated local media, political parties, and other facets of Taiwan society in an effort to persuade Taiwanese citizens to accept a future in which the island is “unified” with the mainland. But the large turnout this weekend was a rare public repudiation of Beijing’s tactics.

Beijing isn’t simply trying to infiltrate Taiwanese media. The ruling Communist Party has also employed Taiwanese military to spy on the mainland’s behalf and hiring local gang members to stage intimidation tactics against China critics. (Related: China Is The Blueprint For The Censorship Tyranny Rollout In America.)

Americans don’t rise up against tyranny because they’ve never experienced it

Despite the fact that Taiwan has been self-ruled since 1949, has its own military and currency, China considers the island democracy to be little more than a renegade province. President Xi Jinping, as well as most Chinese leaders who came before him, has vowed to reunify the island under the mainland, and will use military force if necessary.

But attempts to infiltrate Taiwanese media are cheaper and far less complicated, of course. If China can convince enough Taiwanese that allowing Beijing to ‘reclaim’ their island as another province is in everyone’s best interest without firing a shot, then so much the better, as far as the ruling Communists are concerned.

That said, the massive counter-Communist demonstration on Saturday proves beyond any doubt that a large majority of Taiwanese enjoy the country’s virtual independence and do not want to become just another mass of people ruled over by tyrannical people in Beijing.

Among those who showed up at the counter demonstration included political leaders, entertainment stars, one movie director, and teachers — all of whom took to a podium to denounce Communist infiltration of their press while supporting freedom and democracy. 

“They condemned Chung T’ien Television, China Times, and other pro-Beijing media outlets,” The Epoch Times reported, in part for censoring recent Hong Kong protests.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., supporters of China’s Communist authoritarianism have already ‘infiltrated’ American media, which is to say they have taken it over completely, giving rise to independent and conservative media which they blackball and deride.

But since most U.S. citizens have never lived under real Communist tyranny, most can’t see the infiltration for what it is: Pointedly anti-American, anti-democratic, and brutal.

The fact is, if Americans ever allow themselves to be ruled by socialists or, even worse, Communists, it will take another bloody revolution to throw off that yoke of tyranny, if it can even be thrown off.

Read more about China’s tyrannical communism and how the ideology has infiltrated American news cartels at Tyranny.news and NewsCartels.com. 

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