Kmart photo kiosk BANNED the words “God”, “church” and “Jesus” while allowing words like “Allah” and “Islam”

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Image: Kmart photo kiosk BANNED the words “God”, “church” and “Jesus” while allowing words like “Allah” and “Islam”

(Natural News) Kmart, which apparently still has stores in operation outside of the United States, is garnering global media attention over an alleged “software error” that prevents customers who use the department store chain’s photo kiosks from printing the words “God,” “church,” “Jesus,” and “Jewish” on their pictures.

According to reports, words like “Islam,” “Allah,” and “Koran” are printing just fine on pictures printed at Kmart photo kiosks. But words that Christians might use are prohibited, an in-depth investigation has revealed, suggesting that Kmart is purposely and knowingly engaged in antichrist discrimination against its Christian customers.

When questioned about this obvious disparity, a Kmart spokeswoman took the same approach as social media giants like Facebook when they’ve been caught shadowbanning, deplatforming, or censoring conservative and Christian content without cause, blaming it on a “system error.”

“It will be updated overnight,” this spokeswoman told the media, adding that this censorship of Christian words from Kmart’s photo kiosks “in no way reflects our views as a business.”

“At Kmart, we support diversity and inclusiveness irrespective of race, religion, age, gender, ethnicity, ability, appearance or attitude and we want our teams and stores to reflect the communities in which we operate,” she reportedly added.

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Even the mainstream media, at least in Australia, is calling out Kmart’s antichrist behavior for exactly what it is

This hilariously empty statement may as well have come from the zombie lips of Mark Zuckerberg or one of the other soulless reptilians running Big Tech, as it similarly and obviously tries to whitewash a clearly intentional affront to Christianity by yet another powerful corporation.

Even Sam Armytage, the host of Australia’s Sunrise morning program – which airs on a mainstream news channel down under – condemned Kmart’s lame excuse as “rubbish.” Her guest at the time, social media commentator Jane Caro, agrees, having added that Kmart owes the public, and especially its Christian customers, a big apology.

“They just need to say, ‘Wow, stupid, sorry. We’ve fixed it. We didn’t mean to give anybody offense,'” Caro stated.

Daisy Cousens from Sky News, another Australian mainstream news source, expressed similar sentiments in declaring that Kmart is guilty of committing a “huge double standard.”

“Fair dinkum. What do you say to that? It’s like something out of a kind of South Park parody of social justice,” Cousens is quoted as saying.

“It’s like it’s a joke. Sure, they’ve blamed it on a software error but isn’t that what you blame everything on when something goes wrong that’s somewhat controversial? This is just unbelievable. It’s such a huge double standard.”

The whole thing came to light after an Australian local attempted to print a set of photographs for his church group. Upon noticing that the Christian words he was trying to print on them were being automatically changed into asterisks, his wife expressed that she was “offended” and “thought it was disgusting” that Kmart would discriminate against Christianity in this way.

“She is not a snowflake or anything,” the man told the media about his wife’s reaction to the situation. “She doesn’t get offended by much, but this offended her.”

Antichrist discrimination like this is on the rise all around the world, it’s important to note. We’ve been warning for years that eventually Christianity is going to be criminalized, even in supposedly “free” countries like the United States, unless good men stand up and do something about it.

“People, we are losing this battle, and maybe from a Biblical point of view these things cannot be stopped,” Natural News has warned in the past. “But what can be stopped is you and I being a part of it.”

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