Vatican comes out in condemnation of LGBTQP, says transgenderism is an attempt to “annihilate nature”

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Image: Vatican comes out in condemnation of LGBTQP, says transgenderism is an attempt to “annihilate nature”

(Natural News) The modern Roman Catholic Church is finally taking a definitive stand in support of natural biology, having recently released a 31-page document entitled, “Male and Female: He Created Them” that basically condemns the Cult of LGBTQP, and specifically transgenderism, for trying to “annihilate nature.”

Describing the current climate of gender and sexual confusion as an “educational crisis,” the primer by the Congregation for Catholic Education explains how the LGBTQP agenda aims to eliminate the God-ordained human binary of male and female, and replace it with cultural “disorientation” whereby feelings and emotions “cancel out the differences between men and women, presenting them instead as merely the product of historical and cultural conditioning.”

According to the document, which was published as an aid for Catholic schoolteachers and parents to address this onslaught of gender insanity, the true motive of people who identify as transgender isn’t to embrace their “true selves.” Instead, it’s about creating a “provocative display” to attract attention and controversy.

Furthermore, the all-you-can-eat buffet of gender and sexuality options presented by the LGBTQP mafia isn’t creating “freedom” or “love” for those who embrace it. Instead, it’s creating a situation whereby the family as an institution is being “destabilized,” especially when pre-pubescent children are being told that cutting off their genitalia is normal and “tolerant.”


“From the point of view of genetics, male cells (which contain XY chromosomes) differ, from the very moment of conception, from female cells (with their XX chromosomes),” the document explains, clearly differentiating, using science, the very real differences between men and women.

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Pope Francis did NOT sign his name to this document, suggesting that he fully supports LGBTQP

The document goes on to explain that, in rare cases where children are born with “ambiguous genitalia,” it should be up to “medical professionals” to “make a therapeutic intervention,” not LGBTQP activists pushing an agenda of androgyny and misandry.

“In such situations, parents cannot make an arbitrary choice on the issue, let alone society,” the document suggests.

“Instead, medical science should act with purely therapeutic ends, and intervene in the least invasive fashion, on the basis of objective parameters and with a view to establishing the person’s constitutive identity.”

It’s a rational, Bible-based approach to dealing with human sexuality and gender – which is naturally why far-left globalist Pope Francis is reportedly nowhere to be found in either supporting it, or even attaching his name to it.

Reports indicate that “Male and Female: He Created Them” was released on June 10 “without prior announcement” from the Vatican, suggesting that the more conservative elements in charge of the Roman Catholic Church may have bypassed Francis and his pro-LGBTQP agenda entirely.

Much of what the document suggests, including the notion that the Church has a responsibility to detach itself from “educational programmes and legislative trends that … make a radical break with the actual biological difference between male and female,” goes against the agenda of Francis, who as we’ve reported many times in the past, holds numerous pro-New World Order positions.

“The educational aid does not carry Pope Francis’ signature, and the text makes no reference of the pontiff reviewing the document,” explains Zero Hedge about Francis’ absence from the document.

“… but Francis, whose early pontificate was defined by his ‘Who am I to judge?’ answer to a question about an alleged gay priest working at the Vatican, has made contradictory remarks about gender theory and transgender people throughout his six-year papacy.”

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