Dear President Trump: If you do not end censorship by Big Tech, you will lose the election and thrust America into a violent civil war

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Image: Dear President Trump: If you do not end censorship by Big Tech, you will lose the election and thrust America into a violent civil war

(Natural News) Pay attention to the fact that the intolerant, bigoted Left in America today has zero respect for freedom of speech or the rule of law. Over the last two years, they have been systematically silencing all conservative, Christian and pro-Trump voices in order to deliberately suppress their speech. Now, left-wing tech giants are even silencing whistleblowers like James O’Keefe (Project Veritas), setting a new precedent that says all whistleblowers who make Leftists look bad will be censored and de-platformed.

President Trump, meanwhile, somehow seems to believe he doesn’t need the voices of his supporters anymore. He thinks he can win the election even while his advocates are unfairly silenced by the left-wing bullies of the tech industry who now act like full-blown fascists.

If Trump thinks he can win the election in this environment, where Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Snapchat and all the other tech giants are selectively silencing pro-Trump independent voices, he’s kidding himself. The very foundation of fair and free elections is the longstanding practice of public discourse, where people can openly discuss and debate the pros and cons of their particular candidates. But due to the malicious intent of today’s left-leaning tech giants — now run almost entirely by Trump-hating fascists — no public discourse is allowed. The only voices that are allowed to exist on the dominant tech platforms are anti-Trump voices.

Stated plainly, President Trump simply cannot win the 2020 election if every significant voice that supported him in 2016 is de-platformed off the ‘net. This is, of course, the very reason why such censorship is being pursued. Through malicious censorship and fraudulent de-platforming efforts, the tech giants are plotting to steal the 2020 election and establish a dangerous authoritarian society run by left-wing fascists who will quickly criminalize all pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-2A speech. This is exactly what is being put in place right now, and seemingly no one in Washington other than Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is doing anything to stop it.


If Trump supporters are silenced through the 2020 election, a popular war against the tech giants seems inevitable

The argument that, “tech giants can do whatever they want, since they’re private corporations” is complete bunk. If Facebook banned people for being gay, would that also be acceptable to the Left? What if the tech giants banned all online speech from all men and only allowed women to speak? How is it any different when Facebook bans people for being conservatives?

The systematic de-platforming of conservatives and Trump supporters has destroyed the livelihoods of millions of people. It has resulted in economic devastation and ruinous loss of personal income while subjecting target individuals to malicious smear campaigns that they are unable to counter since their own voices have been silenced. When the tech giants take away a person’s right to speak, their right to earn a living and their right to exist as an online person, they are engaged in assaults on civil liberties, human dignity and personal freedom. If allowed to continue, I predict the only remaining likely response by those targeted by the tech giants would be to rise up against Big Tech and seek to “occupy and dismantle” the tech companies themselves, as I have previously warned.

I do not condone the use of violence to solve problems, and I am not calling for any of the actions described below, but if things do not change, I predict a popular uprising against the tech giants in the real, physical world. All those whose lives have been destroyed by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Apple and others may decide to rise up, form large protests at the headquarters buildings of these tech companies, then occupy those buildings and peacefully dismantle their operations, server by server, cubicle by cubicle. If the tech giants cannot coexist in a society where everyone has the right to speak, the thinking might go, then those tech giants have forfeit their right to participate in civil society in any form whatsoever.

What’s perfectly clear is that Big Tech is not operating in good faith. They are not fair and they aren’t trying to be fair.

If Trump loses the 2020 election due to the systematic censorship of conservative voices, it will become clear to all conservatives that they have no option remaining but to organize together to defend their right to exist. Because the censorship isn’t stopping with online speech… it’s now expanding to include banking services, where prominent conservatives are banned from certain banks after being smeared and attacked by left-wing “journalists.” Before long, conservatives won’t be able to use PayPal, reserve a hotel or have dinner in a public restaurant. The de-personing of all prominent conservatives, Christians or Trump supporters is being relentlessly pursued by a ferocious, rabid left-wing media which now functions more like a cabal of predator and executioners rather than reasoned, inquisitive reporters.

Organized corporate censorship, in other words, is taking away so much from conservatives that, before long, they will have nothing left to lose. When you strip away a person’s right to exist, their right to speak, their right to earn a living, their right to defend themselves against smears and their right to participate in the commerce of society, what options does she have left? Be careful of the person who has nothing left to lose, because as Tyler Durden once said (“Fight Club”), only when you’ve lost everything are you free to do anything. This is what I fear the tech giants are setting off in America as they try to squelch all voices that don’t parrot the cultural and political lies of the unhinged Left.

Don’t just save yourself, President Trump: Save America from a civil war uprising

I offer this cautionary observation to President Trump because this election is about much more than who controls the White House. It’s about whether there is an America left standing after 2020 at all. If the tech giants continue their malicious, fraudulent censorship and manage to steal the 2020 election, that will no doubt trigger a critical mass of organized resistance across America, where many of the very people who elected Trump in 2016 quickly realize that democracy has been stolen and Leftists will never play by the rules on anything.

They will silence and censor you to eliminate your voice. They will lie in the media to try to criminally frame your president. They will cut off your revenues and incomes to bankrupt you while they maintain profitable monopolies to out-spend you on lawfare or public relations. They will overrun your country, demolish your Electoral College, shred your Constitution, confiscate your firearms and trample your civil liberties… there’s nothing the lawless Left won’t do to obtain power. There are no boundaries to their evil and no principles they honor other than sheer, unbridled power to rule over others.

Once this realization hits home in the hearts and minds of the very people who have been victimized by all this, it very likely breaks down into civil war in the real world, not the virtual world. The very people working at Facebook, Google and Twitter who have been hiding behind firewalls in safe cubicles might suddenly discover mobs of angry protesters at their front door. All the vehicles in the parking lots of the tech giants will likely be smashed, I predict, and all the license plates will be photographed and recorded by determined opposition to build lists of the treasonous individuals who have been working with the tech giants to overthrow our Republic.

The tables, in other words, would be turned against the employees of Big Tech… the very people who have been carrying out their scorched Earth campaign of censorship, de-platforming and economic sabotage against conservatives. I wouldn’t be surprised to find even low-level employees of the tech giants publicly labeled “enemies of the people.”

To repeat my cautionary warning, I am practically begging Trump to take action so that none of this comes to pass. I don’t condone any acts of violence against any tech company or its employees, but this outcome seems inevitable if they won’t stop destroying the lives of innocent Americans. Once the war goes into the real world, tech giants could very easily find themselves cut off from the power grid as electrical sub-stations are taken offline. Without power, the tech giants cannot function, and when they cannot function, they cannot censor. It’s not difficult to imagine power sub-stations being taken offline, forcing tech companies to operate from generators that depend on fuel supplies which can also be disrupted.

If the situation continues, top-level managers and employees of all the most evil tech giants might find themselves doxxed and protested at their own homes. It’s not difficult to imagine bounty rewards being offered for their capture, or for their home addresses to be openly posted somewhere online. Tech employees might quickly find themselves tracked by angry mobs, a turning of the tables on how tech giants are currently functioning as the angry mobs who seek and destroy conservative online personalities.

To repeat, I’m not calling for any of this and I hope we don’t see it come to pass. I’m hoping America avoids that scenario because I believe total chaos if exactly what the globalists want. The more chaos they can cause in America, the more likely they call for UN occupation of America, along with mandatory nationwide disarmament attempts of the citizenry (an edict which would, all by itself, unleash armed revolt against UN occupation, I predict).

The Left’s unbridled authoritarianism is not sustainable and will only lead to backlash

None of us wish to see America break down into open warfare. That’s why restoration of the freedom to speak is so important, for without it, there can be no peaceful discourse. With censorship now fully embraced, the entire argument of the Left has now become, “You have no right to speak unless you agree with us.” That is not a philosophy of coexistence; it’s a philosophy of authoritarianism and servitude. Yet it is precisely the philosophy the Left has embraced, with almost no prominent voice on the Left denouncing it or lifting a finger to halt it. In nearly every case, left-wing “journalists,” tech leaders and bloggers call for increasingly radical censorship and de-personing of conservatives, telling themselves that silencing all political opponents is justified by stopping “hate.”

Yet the hatred is clearly rooted in the hearts of the Leftists, who through their actions openly admit they hate human rights, freedom, the First Amendment, public debates and cognitive diversity. No one in America is more filled with hatred and the potential for violence than Leftists, who have made it perfectly clear that they have zero intention of coexisting with people who have views that differ from their own. They are authoritarians at heart; and they demand absolute obedience or they will use all their power to destroy you. This is who they are. They are simply not compatible with civil society.

Sadly, if Trump cannot manage to stop the censorship, I foresee a future of extreme conflict in the 3D world where tech employees are held to account for their role in pushing authoritarianism and techno-fascism on America. I never condone violence against anyone, but I see it coming. In fact, I already feel a sense of great sadness for the techno-fascist employees who will probably be ripped from their cubicles and subjected to expedient trials organized by the very people they once sought to oppress. The tech collaborators thought they could enforce their fascist tyranny from the safety of their air conditioned desks, but they found out that destroying the lives of millions of real people in the real world does not come without repercussions. If I am called to testify against the techo-fascists, I would of course fulfill my duty and tell the court the truth about what they have done to me, even knowing that those guilty parties might be sentenced to death by court order. They brought it on themselves. They have refused to abide by any common decency or rule of law, and they reject the human rights of other members of society.

President Trump can reverse the course of tyranny and restore liberty to America… but will he act?

This is why I have called for President Trump to dispatch military police to occupy and temporarily seize control of the tech giants in order to restore the First Amendment to all Americans. It’s the only way to avoid something far worse. A civil war can be avoided, but only if Trump takes decisive action soon. Time is running short, and the techno-fascists continue to accelerate their economic terrorism, racketeering and fraud against conservative Americans.

I fear there is only a limited time window remaining during which the American people will hold back and have faith in a government solution. Once it becomes clear the government will do nothing to protect basic civil liberties, we’ll likely see people who have been victimized by the tech giants gathering together to take action in their own defense because they have nothing left to lose. I would join peaceful protests against the tech giants, by the way, and call for the restoration of fair and free speech (a level playing field).

President Trump, don’t let things get to that point of desperation. Seize the tech giants now and force a restoration of the freedom of speech. If you won’t do it to save your own presidency, do it to save America from a far worse fate that may see violence and chaos in the streets of this great nation. Without the freedom to speak, there can be no genuine peace in a free society. Oppression is not a sustainable model for coexistence, and the tech giants are the modern-day Apartheid of western civilization. They must be stopped.

In summary, without speech, there can be no sustained peace in any civilized society. The techno-fascists are pushing us toward civil war as a deliberate strategy to cause mass chaos and societal upheaval. Their ploy can be halted by temporarily seizing their operations now and ending the censorship of American conservatives who are being punished for their political and religious beliefs.

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