Not just for guacamole: Man robs two banks using an avocado… and nearly gets away with it

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Image: Not just for guacamole: Man robs two banks using an avocado… and nearly gets away with it

(Natural News) You’ve probably heard of bank robbers trying to use things like toy guns and other pointy objects that look like guns, but actually aren’t, to make off like bandits without ever having to brandish real-life firearms. But have you ever heard of one using an avocado to steal some quick cash?

That’s what one man from Israel reportedly did in robbing not one, but two separate banks, according to hilarious new reports.

The 47-year-old man, who hasn’t been publicly identified, is said to have robbed a bank in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba back in May using an avocado that he painted black to look like a grenade.

After threatening to throw the avocado “grenade” if she didn’t hand over all of the money inside her drawer, the man was successful in garnering $4,450 in cash from a frightened female teller, whom he further compelled to follow his orders by handing her a “misspelled note.”

Seeing how easy the whole thing was the first time, this same man performed the same stunt again at another nearby branch of the same bank, making off this second time with $3,300 in cash.

After obtaining the man’s mobile phone data and GPS location, as well as surveilling video footage at the branches, police were eventually able to find and apprehend him. This is when they realized that the man had used a common Middle Eastern fruit to obtain his ill-gotten loot, and not an actual grenade.

“Overhead security cameras provided few clues to the man’s identity, as he took care in both robberies to wear hats that covered his face, as well as sunglasses and, in one case, an eye patch,” the Times of Israel reported.


“But police tracked cellphone locations during the times of the robberies and followed several leads before finding the suspect, who turned out to have a criminal record, including once serving a three-year prison term for robbery.”

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American man once tried to use apple pies to rob bank in California

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that a criminal has attempted to use food as a fake weapon to rob a bank. Back in 2012, 33-year-old Daniel Hedwood reportedly tried to rob a bank in Sacramento, California, using apple pies that he had purchased from a nearby fast-food restaurant.

Reports indicate that Hedwood entered a Wells Fargo bank branch on the 3000 block of Capitol Avenue armed with the pies, which were hiding inside of a fast-food bag. He had claimed at the time that he was armed with “an explosive device.”

But Hedwood was apparently unsuccessful in convincing the teller that he had an actual bomb, which prompted him to flee the branch by foot, leaving behind the fast-food bag. It was later determined that the sweet treats inside of it were just that: apple pies, and nothing more.

“You have to admit that eating anything from McDonald’s may have an explosive effect,” joked one CBS Sacramento commenter about the Hedwood story.

“‘I’ve got apple pies and I’m not afraid to use them!'” joked another about what Hedwood could have said aloud during his attempted robbery.

“I wonder if the teller could smell the pies … Just another dumb criminal headed back to prison,” this same commenter added.

Both incidents are almost as silly and ridiculous as the fake hate crime propagated by C-list actor Jussie Smollett, whom as you may recall lied about being attacked in Chicago in the middle of the night by Trump supporters wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats – for which Smollett has yet to see justice.

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