Twitter tries to “clarify” its content rules, but still won’t provide any justification whatsoever for banning the Health Ranger from its platform

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Image: Twitter tries to “clarify” its content rules, but still won’t provide any justification whatsoever for banning the Health Ranger from its platform

(Natural News) Once again, a social media tech giant is in hot water for arbitrarily banning or censoring a notable conservative and is scrambling to cover its tracks and justify its blatant political discrimination.

As reported by Breitbart Tech on Friday, in a series of statements posted to its own platform, Twitter attempted to outline several changes to its rules and policies, though skeptics who’ve seen these kind of mea culpas before from big tech are skeptical they will be enforced in an unbiased manner.

Tweeting from its @TwitterSafety account, the social media giant explained updated rules and policies which have been shortened and clarified so that users can supposedly better understand what content can and cannot be posted to the platform.

“Rules should be easy to understand. We heard you, ours weren’t. We updated, reordered, and shortened them, so you can know what’s not allowed on Twitter. Click through this thread for all our rules, and read our blog to learn more,” the company said in the first tweet, which also linked to a blog post outlining a number of the platform’s main policies.

“Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation,” the platform said in a subsequent tweet. “Violence, harassment and other similar types of behavior discourage people from expressing themselves, and ultimately diminishes the value of global public conservation.” (Related: It’s time for America to declare “D-Day” against the evil tech monopolists and their war against human rights.)

Rules, schmules: Will Twitter’s enforcement continue to show bias?

What isn’t allowed:


— You can’t threaten violence against any one person or a group, while at the same time Twitter is prohibiting “the glorification of violence.”

— Users cannot threaten terrorism or violent extremism or promote it (Antifa — pay attention).

— “Zero tolerance” for child sexual abuse or exploitation (okay, that should be a given but…).

— “You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so,” the tweets continued. “This includes wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm” (again, Antifa…pay attention, along with other Left-wing lunatics, especially Hollywood types when it comes to targeting POTUS Trump).

— The platform says it will not put up with the promotion of violence, threats, or harassment of anyone “on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.” So, in short, no poking fun at anyone’s gender, race, or anything else comedians of yesteryear used as their staple material (and which nearly everyone enjoyed and laughed at because we all have our goofy proclivities).

— No promotion of self-harm or suicide.

— Posting excessively “gory” media or sharing live video content of any violent or adult content, either in profile or header images, is also prohibited. So, too, are media “depicting sexual violence and/or assault…” So, no more Game of Thrones memes?

— No one can use Twitter for any unlawful purposes or to perpetuate illegal activities such as buying or facilitating transactions “in illegal goods or services…”

— Now, doxing is prohibited, apparently: “You may not publish or post other people’s private information (such as home phone number and address) without their express authorization and permission. We also prohibit threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so” (this is so overdue).

— Also: No non-consensual nude pic sharing; no interfering in our elections via Twitter; no impersonation of others; and no copyright violations are allowed.

Okay, so what about news and information regarding alternative medicine, alternative health, and holistic healing — just the sort of materials published by Natural News and its founder/editor, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger? Why has he been banned? (Related: Two months after de-platforming the Health Ranger, Twitter bans James Woods for exposing the treason of the deep state coup against Trump.)

None of the information he publishes about the dangers of vaccines, GMOs, chemotherapy, and other ‘traditional’ information about food and medicines are harmful to anyone. And yet, he’s been kicked off of the platform. 

The point: We’ll see how serious Twitter is about its new rules and, more importantly, whether the platform will enforce them uniformly.

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