Primed for a wipeout: Pentagon admits biological attack against America has no real defense

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Image: Primed for a wipeout: Pentagon admits biological attack against America has no real defense

(Natural News) The federal government is in a predictive programming frenzy concerning the potential for a nationwide biological attack, warning that there are no weapons in the current defense arsenal to stop a major pandemic from spreading like wildfire.

Suggesting that it’s only a matter of time before something serious like ebola sweeps the country, government scientists in partnership with the Pentagon’s “top brass” recently convened in Philadelphia to discuss the alleged threat of a bio attack – and to make the not-so-subtle case that Big Pharma needs to be allowed to fast-track approval for emergency drug and vaccine “cures.”

The three-day event, which took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, featured more than 16,000 educators, physicians, and scientists from 67 countries who were told that the biotechnology industry is basically a ticking time bomb.

“Technology, particularly biotechnology, has been evolving extremely rapidly,” warned Dr. Derek Maurer, deputy assistant Secretary for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, during the conference.

“The United States government can’t keep up with that level of technology,” he added. “Those technologies, they’re diffused across the world. Everybody has them, including our adversaries.”

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Problem, reaction, solution: Big Fed says Big Pharma shouldn’t have to wait 12 years to develop new drugs

Using fear to make their case, government officials attending the 2019 Bio International Convention made sure to mention that it currently takes about 12 years for a new Big Pharma drug or vaccine to come to market, but that a biological attack or pandemic could come “at any moment.”


In other words, once a biological attack is unleashed, potentially as a planned false flag, there won’t be any available remedies because it just takes too darn long for the drug industry to get its “cures” to market.

“We don’t have enough needles or syringes,” stated Dr. Robert Kadlec, assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services, as part of the mental programming agenda.

“We spend about half the amount of money we spend on one aircraft carrier to protect men and women against these biological threats. And, the U.S. government has 12 aircraft carriers,” he added.

America’s open borders are an open invitation for illegal aliens to bring in deadly bioweapons

One major issue that was not discussed at the convention is the continued flow of illegal aliens across America’s southern border, many of whom are carrying with them exotic diseases that quickly spread throughout the communities they invade.

Health authorities in other areas are sounding the alarm about this threat with regards to ebola, which is on the verge of crossing the border from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, and spreading elsewhere throughout the continent, and potentially the world.

In a recent statement about the current state of things in the Congo, Dr. Mike Ryan, M.D., from the Center of Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota warned that official estimates about the spread of ebola are more than likely lacking because “as many as 25 percent” of cases are “missed” or are “being picked up ‘too late.'”

With record numbers of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. from Mexico, one can only imagine what types of diseases are being brought in and spread by these invaders – and how this convenient crisis will be used by the medical “deep state” to further water down the drug and vaccine approval process in order to rush newfangled “emergency medicine” into mass production.

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