Health Ranger blasts Facebook’s ban of Natural News, says American Left creating Soviet-style society where NO ONE can question “official” narratives

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Image: Health Ranger blasts Facebook’s ban of Natural News, says American Left creating Soviet-style society where NO ONE can question “official” narratives

(Natural News) The social media behemoths who have enjoyed the benefits of America’s capitalist system to grow large and powerful are now becoming threats to our constitutional system as they trample the civil rights of tens of millions of people, says Mike Adams, the founder/editor of Natural News, which was recently banned by Facebook.

In a video response, Adams notes that in an instant, Facebook arbitrarily cut off Natural News’ channel and, thus, its direct pipeline to some 2.5 million followers who were not only avid consumers of the site’s information, but supporters of its alternative views on healthcare, nutrition, agriculture, and science.

“This is on top of the permanent bans of Natural News content from Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google News, Apple and other techno-fascists that now represent the greatest threat to human freedom the world has ever seen,” Adams wrote in an accompanying column criticizing the decision.

He notes further: 

The techno-fascists, including Wikipedia, have decided that no speech that questions any official narrative will be allowed on any platform. Anyone who questions the safety of toxic vaccines, 5G cell towers, geoengineering, chemotherapy or glyphosate weed killer chemicals is now maliciously attacked, smeared and de-platformed. You’re not even allowed now to talk about nutrition, anti-cancer foods or nutritional supplements without being labeled a “vitamin” website accused of pushing fake cures. (That’s right: The left-wing authoritarian tyrants are now anti-nutrition on top of everything else.)


It should be noted that Natural News reporters and correspondents are not ‘conspiracy theorists’ who are allowed to publish nonsensical, unsubstantiated trash like, say, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Rather, our health, nutrition, and scientific stories cite legitimate studies and are heavily sourced to provide readers with substantiation as well as depth in reporting. (Related: GOP Sen. Hawley introduces bill to force YouTube to end its “catering to pedophiles” even as the platform bans conservatives and indy media.)

‘We’re becoming Communist China’

Nevertheless, it’s Natural News that is being singled out and punished by the social media speech Nazis.

“Every website or individual who expresses any view of dissent against the corrupt scientific establishment is immediately labeled ‘fake news,’ even as the left-wing media routinely pushed total fabrications about President Trump and anyone who supports Trump. As I have repeatedly pointed out, the tech giants and their CEOs are truly enemies of humanity,” Adams wrote.

In his video, he noted if sites like Natural News and other independent media that have been sanctioned, censored, and banned by the social media giants don’t fight back, America “becomes Communist China.”

He added:

Is that the world the intolerant Left wants to live under? An authoritarian police state that controls everything you’re allowed to read, or speak, or share? Because that’s what China is, and that’s what the tech giants are now creating in America. If that’s the world you want to live in, I feel sorry for you. I want to live in a world that has a diversity of ideas. I want to live in a world that was described by Martin Luther King, Jr… a world where people of all colors, including the color of your ideas, can co-exist peacefully and share ideas, and talk about things they may not agree on, but things that are valuable to humanity.

Adams also wanted to make it a point to note that creating a society where no one can question authority — the ‘official’ narrative — is not a world where the Left wants to live, either. As it stands, many of the Left feel it necessary, even their duty, to question corporations and corporate behavior, but in the world the largest tech corporations are creating, even ‘liked-minded’ people on the Left will be shut out, stifled, stymied, and censored eventually as well.

“It’s important to let you know where things are headed, and why we are ever more dedicated to our message, and more emboldened about the importance of what we do as the attacks against us increase,” he continued. “It is proof that our message for humanity is so crucial for this time.”


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