Catholic leaders in Australia blaspheme God by teaching schoolchildren that he’s a “gender-neutral” LGBTQP

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Image: Catholic leaders in Australia blaspheme God by teaching schoolchildren that he’s a “gender-neutral” LGBTQP

(Natural News) Catholic schoolgirls in Brisbane, Australia, are reportedly now being taught that God should no longer be referred to as “He,” because this gender-specific pronoun is outdated and “offensive.” Instead, the Creator of the universe is from here on out to be referred to as a gender-neutral “Godself,” implying that He’s an “inclusive” member of the Cult of LGBTQP.

According to reports, All Hallows’ School, Loreto College for Girls, and Stuartholme School are among the top Catholic schools in Brisbane that are abandoning the use of traditional male references for God, and instead choosing a more feminist approach that blasphemously suggests that God might also be a female.

Similar to the blasphemous depictions of God in the neo-evangelical fiction novel The Shack, Catholic leaders at these three schools want their schoolgirls to get used to the idea of referring to God using feminist, LGBTPQ terminology. By doing this, these leaders believe that the schoolgirls under their care and guidance will grow closer to “Jesus.”

“As we believe God is neither male or (sic) female, Stuartholme tries to use gender-neutral terms in prayers … so that our community deepens their (sic) understanding of who God is for them, how God reveals Godself through creation, our relationships with others and the person of Jesus,” reads a grammatically incorrect statement issued by one of the schools.

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Catholic schoolgirls told to stop calling God “Lord,” as this is a “male term” that’s no longer politically correct

At Loreto College for Girls, headmasters have actually gone so far as to pull the word “Lord” from all of their prayers, as they claim this “male term” is offensive in the new age of female empowerment and feminism.


According to Kim Wickham, the school’s principal, all prayers written for use at Loreto College for Girls do not “assign God a gender,” as Wickham and her feminist colleagues believe that new Catholicism should be about “inclusive language.”

In response to these changes, Andrea Dean, director of the Catholic Office for the Participation of Women, expressed that she’s “thrilled” about removing all male references to God, adding that it’s a “terrific” idea to feminize Him in order to pander to feminists and the Cult of LGBTQP.

Will all of these girls-only Catholic schools now accept boys in order to remain consistent in their “inclusivity?”

Meanwhile, at St. Joseph’s College, an all-boys Catholic school, the administration has similarly gone feminist by replacing the term “brothers” with “sisters and brothers,” as well as the term “brotherhood” with “international community.”

It remains unclear, however, whether or not the all-girls schools have replaced all of their female-only language with similar inclusive language that includes not only boys but also the many “other” genders included in the LGBTQP rainbow.

Speaking of inclusivity, it’s probably also time for Stuartholme, All Hallows’ School, and Loreto College for Girls to open up their doors to boys and “other” genders, since maintaining all-girls status is highly exclusive, and goes against the mission of inclusivity for which these institutions are striving.

Female-only spaces are discriminatory, after all, which means that these schools either need to integrate the sexes or completely disband, right?

Or, perhaps, we can all just get back to what the Bible actually says, as it clearly describes Jesus as an actual biological man who refers to the Father in heaven as his father, not his “mother” or his “Godself.” To suggest anything otherwise is utter blasphemy and antichrist, period.

“You can remove ‘Lord’ from your repetitive prayers but He is still Lord,” writes one commenter for the Christian Post. “One day all will bow before Him and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

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