Another massive lie revealed in the Mueller Report as the entire conspiracy against Trump unravels by the day

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Image: Another massive lie revealed in the Mueller Report as the entire conspiracy against Trump unravels by the day

(Natural News) It’s becoming more and more obvious to any American who still retains some semblance of free thought in this age of widespread media propaganda that former special counsel Robert Mueller is not the ‘Boy Scout’ do-gooder fighting the forces of evil his defenders have made him out to be.

Rather, turns out he’s just another deep-state swamp creature who is much more dedicated to the preservation of a shadow system of government than protecting and defending the American people as well as the oath he swore to uphold.

By now, most people know that Mueller turned in his ‘Russian collusion’ probe report in late March, to much fanfare and, for Democrats, much angst because he wrote that no evidence was ever found to support such an allegation. That’s because the narrative was fabricated in the first place, but that story’s been told over and over again.

The collusion narrative isn’t the only one that’s falling apart, however. After concerned lawmakers — most of them Republicans — and investigative journalists still concerned with reporting the truth to the American people have pored over the 440-plus page document, it’s become apparent that Mueller and his den of Democrat-donating prosecutors lied throughout the report.

As noted by ace investigative reporter John Solomon writing for The Hill on Thursday, a key “Russian” figure Mueller tried to tie to the 2016 Trump campaign in his report is actually a Ukrainian who is/was an intelligence source for the State Department, not a stooge or stoolie for Vladimir Putin.

Konstantin Kilimnik, once employed by one-time Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, was listed on page six of the Mueller report as having “ties to Russian intelligence.” Further, he was portrayed as a nefarious threat to democracy. However, Mueller and his team completely left out the fact that Kilimnik worked as an informant and go-between for Washington and Kiev, and that he was subsequently indicted for obstruction of justice.


As The National Sentinel noted further:

Solomon reviewed hundreds of pages of U.S. government documents that prove without any doubt that Kilimnik is certainly a State Department intel source. What’s more, Mueller and his team of Democrat-donating prosecutors had that info in 2018.

So, what else has Mueller fabricated?

Yes, that’s right: Mueller (and the FBI) knew who Kilimnik was last year, and yet, his probe went on…and on…and on. (Related: Is the Trump admin fighting back against the Deep State? Mueller’s “star witness” indicted on child porn charges.)

Solomon noted:

Kilimnik was not just any run-of-the-mill source, either.

He interacted with the chief political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, sometimes meeting several times a week to provide information on the Ukraine government. He relayed messages back to Ukraine’s leaders and delivered written reports to U.S. officials via emails that stretched on for thousands of words, the memos show.

The FBI knew all of this, well before the Mueller investigation concluded.

Nevertheless, Mueller made it seem as though Kilimnik was an asset to the Kremlin, not the State Department, and that whatever he was doing for the Trump campaign, supposedly, he was doing so ‘on behalf of’ the Russian government.

It was a lie. 

There’s more. In his report, Mueller claimed that Kilimnik brought a “peace plan” to Trump’s campaign after Russia’s illegal 2014 annexation of the Crimea, which was part of Ukraine. But in reality, Kilimnik brought that plan to the Obama administration, as Solomon wrote. Emails he reviewed show that Kilimnik brought the plan to the Obama regime in May 2016 when he was visiting Washington, D.C.

Mueller is not the Boy Scout ‘good guy’ he has been made to be by both Democrat and Republican members of the deep state. Rather, he’s a disgrace and because of his purposeful deceit regarding POTUS Trump, nothing he says or has written in his report should be trusted or believed.

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