French anesthesiologist may have OVERDOSED 50 patients so he could “save” them and be a hero… but 20 died

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Image: French anesthesiologist may have OVERDOSED 50 patients so he could “save” them and be a hero… but 20 died

(Natural News) If you ever saw the movie Flatliners you would know almost exactly what this real life story is actually about. Except in the movie, the main characters “killed themselves” with too much anesthesia on purpose in order to see what the “afterlife” is like, then purposely had their friends bring them back to life. Well, a French doctor has now been arrested on suspicion – accused of purposely orchestrating the “killing” of more than four dozen patients, after which he would “revive them” and bring them back to life – to appear as hero in front of colleagues.

Anesthesiologist Frederic Pechier allegedly played Russian Roulette with lives of 50 patients, resulting in 20 DEATHS

The doctor has been taken into custody after working at clinics and hospitals in eastern France, with 7 previous indictments/cases, two of which resulted in deaths just a couple years ago. How are these people allowed to continue practicing medicine? It’s like releasing a serial killer because they say “sorry, won’t happen again,” and pay a little fine.

Allegedly, Pechier tampered with anesthesia doses that were already measured and being used by colleagues, juicing them up, thus giving innocent patients heart attacks, then swooping in as their HERO in their final seconds, and reviving them.

Routine operations turned out to be deaths for 20 people. Others are still gravely injured. The people he “saved” love him. They revere him, and call him “brilliant.” He should get the medal of dishonor, along with life in prison, without parole, if he did what is currently alleged he did.

Smoking gun? Some of the dead patients had potassium levels in their blood FIVE TIMES the lethal dose

More than 50 similar cases have already been identified by authorities, the prosecution has told the French press. Bodies were exhumed. Families are flipping out. The freak doctor reminds us of our own U.S. doctor, working out of Detroit, the infamous Dr. Farid Fata, who gave cancer-free patients lethal doses of chemotherapy. The mass-murdering freak, Dr. Fata, spared a few lives so he could look like a hero. In other words, he saved people from cancer they never had. Amazing, huh? He’s serving 45 years in federal prison, that just began a couple years ago.

The scope of the whole investigation keeps widening. Just how many people got “put to sleep” for good, then revived, or not, on this guy’s watch? New allegations are popping up like weeds in an overcrowded cemetery. If it all comes true as alleged so far, Frederic Pechier may be the biggest serial killer in the entire history of France.

Pechier still claims innocence, saying it was all just his “talent and skill” but then why are the dead patients overdosed at five times the lethal limit?

With possibly the worst alibi ever, Dr. Pechier wants us all to believe it was all just his amazing talent and skill, but then again, the potassium levels are out the roof. Not just a little high, as they might be in dead folks. It’s like giving a newborn a vaccine loaded with 1,000 times the mercury that the EPA warns is dangerous in fish and tap water, but in America, we do it all the time. We even “immunize” (fancy word for sterilize) pregnant women and 6-month-young babies.

For now, it looks like Pechier is another Farid Fata. What freak will be next to get busted for practicing dishonest medicine that harms patients … could it be blogger freak and oncologist David “Orac” Gorski (close cohort of Fata) or Dr. Richard “Mercury Joker” Pan of California? Only time will tell. For now, lots of medical assassinators are slinging meds, surgery, chemo, and yes, anesthesia around like poison candy, and facing no repercussions, because the AMA profits from bad medicine. Psycho “Ticking Time Bomb” Gorski is known to type psychotic rants on blogs during breaks from surgery on women’s breasts from the hospital, without the hospital’s permission.

Tune in to for more updates on freakish doctors maiming and killing people with bad science, poor surgery, and chemical-laden drugs.

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