The alleged serial killer you may not have heard of yet, and the media’s astonishing bias

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Image: The alleged serial killer you may not have heard of yet, and the media’s astonishing bias

(Natural News) Imagine if a Trump-supporting white man stood accused of committing one of the nation’s most prolific and disturbing serial killing sprees against, say, 12 elderly black females. Let’s say authorities claimed this Trump-supporting white man forcibly entered the homes of his victims, one at a time over a period of several years, then used a gun to kill them before leaving their lifeless bodies lying there for their families, friends, or neighbors to find.

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Do you think there’s at least a remote possibility you might have heard about such a crime? Of course you would have, and it’s ALL you would have heard about for weeks on end. But it doesn’t stop there. Interspersed throughout their wall-to-wall coverage, do you think the media might have mentioned, about a zillion times or so, the fact that the accused was a Trump-supporting white man who killed victims of color? I think we all know the answer to that question as well.

While I’m certainly not saying such a case shouldn’t be covered, the liberal media does have a disgusting habit of overcovering stories that fit their desired ‘narrative’ and undercovering ones that don’t. And if you are in the least surprised or inclined to be skeptical, you need only consider the case of Billy Chemirmir, the 46-year-old former healthcare worker recently charged with capital murder in the deaths of 12 elderly women in Texas.

The allegations against Chemirmir – and for the record let’s remember that for now they are allegations – have all the gritty details of the first paragraph above, except in reverse. The accused is not a Trump-supporting white man, but rather an illegal immigrant from Kenya. He did not use a gun to murder his victims, but rather used pillows to suffocate them. His victims were not elderly black women, but rather, from the pictures I have seen so far, elderly white women.

So, minus a gun, right-wing politics, and white-on-minority perpetrator / victim status, there’s nothing in the story for the left to play politics with: no gun control narrative, no guilt-by-association narrative, and no ‘White People As The Great Satan’ narrative. In other words, no narrative at all, or at least none that fits the left-wing worldview.

CNN, at the time of this writing and over 24 hours after Fox News covered the allegations against Chemirmir, had neglected to do a single story on the case. Let that sink in. Not. A. Single. Story. I even wrote a piece about the network’s sketchy editorial decisions at The Daily Caller on Thursday night, then called them out on Twitter just for good measure … but as of Friday afternoon, still crickets.

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