By pushing the National Popular Vote Compact, leftists are deliberately working to ensure the “tyranny of the majority” that will overrule liberty and law

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Image: By pushing the National Popular Vote Compact, leftists are deliberately working to ensure the “tyranny of the majority” that will overrule liberty and law

(Natural News) The American Left, on a daily basis, shows anyone who cares to pay attention what authoritarianism looks like and, more importantly, how they plan to wield it if or when they get into power.

One way the Left, via the Democratic Party they have hijacked, plans to do so is by subverting our constitutional system and disenfranchising tens of millions of Americans in the vast majority of states — all under the guise of re-enfranchising them.

Democrats are pushing the “National Popular Vote Compact” (NPVC), which is a scheme to elect presidents via majority vote rather than by the Electoral College, which is how POTUS Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and how POTUS George W. Bush managed to edge out Vice President Al Gore in 2000 (though Bush handily beat John Kerry four years later).

Here’s how it works: States that approve NPVC legislation assign all of their state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who gets a majority vote in the general election. That means even if your state supports one candidate, if he/she did not win a majority nationwide, then your state’s electoral votes won’t go to the candidate voters picked, they’ll go to the other candidate.

That means just a few large states — California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois — could literally decide all presidential elections for the foreseeable future, at least until demographics and populations change.

Meanwhile, voters in small states literally won’t count, whereas now, under the system our founders devised, every electoral vote towards the total of 270 required to become president counts.


And Nevada became the latest state to approve the NPVC after the state Senate voted 12-8 to pass the legislation earlier this week. 

Notes David Codrea at Ammoland:

Those proposing this subversion are presuming themselves wiser than the Founders – and 14 states and the District of Columbia so far evidently do. But note that nowhere in the Constitution is the word “democracy” mentioned. The founders had designed a system of checks and balances to avoid not only tyranny of branches of government, but of the tyranny of the majority. Such a thing is absolutely possible, and the “wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner” analogy is more than just a witticism. It’s why Bill of Rights protections were not intended to be subject to majority rule.

Not what our founders wanted

Keep in mind that the states that have passed this monstrosity thus far are all ruled (not governed, ruled) by Democrats, but some so-called ‘red states’ could adopt the measure in the future. (Related: Democrats can’t win elections by following the rules so they’re going to STEAL power by cheating and bypassing the Constitution.)

Some experts have said the compact won’t stand up to constitutional scrutiny because the founders never intended for presidents to be selected by ‘majority vote.’ But imagine if such a compact passes eventually and does not get tossed out by the Supreme Court? Codrea is right: The majority can then rule on anything, and given they are Democrats and American Leftists, what rights do you think would magically disappear? 

Gun rights, for certain, but how about the right of conservatives to speak, worship, gather, speak out, demonstrate, publish? Look at what’s already happening to conservatives on social media, in the public square, and online; they are already being censored, banned, doxed, shadow banned, and attacked. 

Codrea points to another example of when Democrats got their way and destroyed a key portion of the Constitution, to the detriment of conservatives: The passage of the 17th Amendment in the era of the ‘great progressive,’ Woodrow Wilson. 

Originally, our Constitution called for U.S. senators to be appointed by state legislatures, not elected by direct vote like U.S. representatives. The 17th Amendment repealed that requirement. 

As this national compact proves, Democrats don’t want to govern. They want to rule which is why they seek to change our constitutional system to their advantage.

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