Pete Buttigieg misleads America on health freedom; doesn’t support women’s right to say no to vaccines

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Image: Pete Buttigieg misleads America on health freedom; doesn’t support women’s right to say no to vaccines

(Natural News) During a recent town hall, Pete Buttigieg, one of the 23 Leftists currently vying for the presidency in 2020, clarified his position that abortion should be allowed at any point during pregnancy, arguing that there should never be a limit or line on “a woman’s right” to murder her unborn children. But when it comes to vaccination, Buttigieg suddenly no longer believes in women’s rights, holding to the notion that forcing women (and men) to be injected with vaccines containing cell lines from aborted human babies, against their will, is good and necessary for “public health.”

You see, Democrats like Buttigieg only support “women’s rights” when they involve women doing things like dying their hair blue, marching in the streets with vagina hats on while screaming obscenities against the patriarchy, and having their unborn progeny ripped limb-from-limb in the name of “reproductive freedom.” But when women choose to actually bear their children and raise them lovingly without committing chemical violence against them via syringe injections containing live viruses, chemical adjuvants, and other neurotoxic poisons, then “women’s rights” suddenly no longer apply.

While Buttigieg earlier stated that he supports exemptions from vaccination for personal, philosophical, religious, and medical reasons, he later flip-flopped after the vaccine mafia went after him for daring to suggest that the freedom not to vaccinate be upheld in this supposed “land of the free.” In a reactionary statement, a spokesman for Buttigieg revealed the following, indicating that Buttigieg erroneously supports a formidable vaccine police state whereby neither women nor men have the right not to vaccinate unless the medical police state decides to grant them permission on the basis of a “legitimate medical need:”


“The law of the land for more than a century has been that states may enforce mandatory vaccination for public safety to prevent the spread of a dangerous disease. Pete does support some exemptions, except during a public health emergency to prevent an outbreak.”

Mandatory vaccination is medical rape, as it allows the government to forcibly penetrate women’s bodies with foreign objects without their consent

It’s a blatant double standard that, sadly, too many Leftist women ignore in their quest to maintain the “right” to commit murder without consequence, getting some kind of morbid thrill out of terminating the lives of the tiny babies that enter their wombs upon getting pregnant. Little do these brainwashed masses of triggered estrogen realize that, in continuing to fight for the “right” to abortion, they’re simultaneously being robbed by the “women’s rights” plantation masters of their actual rights, including the right to true medical and bodily autonomy.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is murdering the unborn outlined as a human right. In the same vein, there are no provisions whatsoever in this same Constitution that allow for the government to force any type of “medicine” on the people, no matter how “safe and effective” it’s claimed to be. In other words, real “women’s rights” include the right to bear and raise children, and to do so without the government interfering and telling them how to do it.

But will the leftist mob – and to be fair, many on the right as well who support this same medical police state tyranny – ever wake up and recognize that mandatory vaccination represents the antithesis of “women’s rights?” Will they ever rightfully conclude that the government commits medical rape every time it penetrates the body of a woman or a man with a sharp object containing foreign, and potentially fatal, material against her or his will?

It’s time to stop succumbing to the propaganda, women. Murdering unborn human life isn’t exercising a legitimate right, nor is allowing your government to pierce your body with needles without your consent.

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