Nike-owned Converse shoe company exploits child-abused “drag kid” in latest act of corporate pandering to evil LGBT mafia

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Image: Nike-owned Converse shoe company exploits child-abused “drag kid” in latest act of corporate pandering to evil LGBT mafia

(Natural News) The depraved sickness of LGBTQ continues to spread like a ravaging pandemic all throughout the United States, where open child abuse and pedophilia, as many long predicted, are now rapidly becoming normalized as just more “expressions” of one’s “true self.”

Leading the charge in pushing such evil at the corporate level is Converse, the iconic American shoe company now owned by Nike that recently launched a “Pride Collection” of shoes featuring none other than 11-year-old “Desmond is Awesome,” the infamous “drag kid” whose parents Andrew and Wendy Napoles continue to shamelessly exploit the underage, “transgender” media sensation they’ve created as their own personal cash cow.

Young Desmond is reportedly now being featured in a series of Converse advertisements online, alongside six other LGBTQs, whom now deserve the expanded classification of LGBTPQ – the P standing for pedophiles – that were hired to market rainbow-colored Converse shoes to the American market.

In a Twitter post announcing this new LGBTPQ shoe line, Converse wrote that the purpose of this perverted campaign is to “show the power of expressing one’s true self,” crediting It Gets Better, Out Metro West, and Fenway Health for “supporting” this wicked effort through financial “contributions.”

Parental child abuse and pedophilia: two more “values” now embraced by the Cult of LGBTPQ

In Desmond’s bio on the Converse website, the little boy-turned-strip club drag queen is listed as a “drag kid/LGBTQ+ advocate” – Converse apparently seeing nothing wrong with this 11-year-old – who has yet to even reach puberty, by the way – being used and abused by his so-called parents, both of whom are unemployed, deadbeat losers, for cheap shock value – and, of course, lots and lots of money.


As we previously reported, Wendy and her emasculated husband Andrew first began exploiting their poor son Desmond as a “transgender” at the age of two. Though Desmond has admitted that he prefers to do boy things like play with trucks, Wendy in particular has been steering the boy to wear hideously androgynous drag getups and perform at gay clubs pretty much since he was born – and the perverted Cult of LGBTPQ sees nothing wrong with this, naturally.

As a result, Desmond is now perhaps the internet’s most well-known LGBTPQ freak show, and is landing spots in major corporate advertising blitzes – which means more cha-ching for Andrew and Wendy.

Politically correct parental rights

The corrupt police state says “no problem” to Desmond being exploited and abused by his parents and multinational corporations, but continues to abduct and kidnap children whose parents refuse toxic chemotherapy and other Big Pharma poisons.

Amazingly, an alleged “investigation” conducted by Child Protective Services (CPS), which was prompted by concerned members of the public, found that Andrew and Wendy Napoles aren’t abusing or in any way treating young Desmond inappropriately – even when they allow him to dance and strip at gay bars in New York City at 3a.m.

Meanwhile, the medical police state has kidnapped yet another child whose parents wanted to make their own medical decisions for their son – once again illustrating that in America today, evil is seen as “good,” and good is seen as “evil,” just as Isaiah 5:20 foretold.

Keep in mind that, back in 2017, Andrew and Wendy Napoles exposed their son, then 10 years old, to a convicted murderer during a sick promotion on YouTube.

“Not old enough to run his own Instagram account, Desmond is being exploited for fame and money by none other than his mother,” Big League Politics reveals about Desmond’s mother, Wendy, who bears most of the responsibility for corrupting her son and using him as a child sex slave for profit.

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