Murder of humans is MURDER – regardless of who the psychopaths use as the “scapegoat” – Blacks, Jews, or newborn babies

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Image: Murder of humans is MURDER – regardless of who the psychopaths use as the “scapegoat” – Blacks, Jews, or newborn babies

(Natural News) When slavery was prominent in America, some white people said that it wasn’t murder to kill a Black slave because they weren’t actually “people.” When Hitler and the Nazis started executing Jews during WWII, they claimed it wasn’t really murder because Jews “aren’t actually people,” instead they were regarded as less than human (often referred to as swine, rats, or roaches).

Now, it’s just more of the same in America, as the Democrats are “all in” for population reduction, especially when it comes to Blacks, so they say that babies in the mother’s womb, even during the third trimester, are not human, so they can be executed and it’s not “murder.” That, according to Democrats, goes for babies that are born alive, come out of the womb just fine, but the mother decides she doesn’t want it.

That’s when the doctor strangulates the baby, or cuts it’s cervical spine, or simply doesn’t give it any medical attention. Again, it’s not “murder” to the murdering maniacs because they don’t consider live babies human (as New York “Demoncrats” cheer to celebrate infanticide). Still, New York just legalized murdering healthy, live babies on the day they’re born.

Global warming, food shortage, societal (financial) burden, family burden ­– all scapegoat reasons for making genocide “legal”

Eugenics comes in many forms, but with the same end game in mind. Planned Parenthood is really planned non-parenthood, because their main goal is to talk black women into abortion. Hitler’s genocide plan was to get rid of all Jews, elderly people, and anyone with a handicap, mental or physical. These were all “scapegoats” who created burdens on society in different ways, he claimed.


The “Green New Deal” is another genocidal plan. AOC, the Clintons, and Obama would love to gain complete control over all minorities in America, including blacks and Hispanics. This would enable them to control their vote, while executing any who don’t fit the narrative and go with the “flow.” That’s called communism, but the Democrats are trying to lighten the term for stupid Americans and call it Socialism.

Currently, there is no global warming, there is no food shortage, there is no worldwide drought, and there is no race, creed, or religion to blame for the world’s deficits in natural resources. To try to slaughter innocent babies in the name of global warming is outright murder and should be illegal, by all means.

Science: By the third trimester, babies can recognize their parent’s voices, open their eyes, and FEEL PAIN

Did you know unborn babies feel pain as early as 18 weeks gestation? A growing body of scientific evidence and research reveals that the basic anatomical organization of the nervous system in babies is already established by six weeks. The earliest neurons in the parts of the brain responsible for thinking and memory are also established by then. Guess what else? That’s right, pain sensory mechanisms and neurophysiology – all beginning at just six weeks. Wow.

Then come the nerve synapses for spinal reflex after about 10 to 12 weeks. Then, just two months later, around 18 to 20 weeks young, the sensory receptors for pain are in place, present throughout mucosal surfaces and the skin. Connections are made, just like in adults, between the thalamus and the spinal cord. The “perception” of pain at this point is real, to babies too. But Democrats celebrate murdering these babies because to them, they’re not human. Not human. Sound familiar?

At just 8 weeks, many babies exhibit reflex movements during invasive procedures

You want science for your rationale? You got it. Even if you have no ethics, no values, and no religion, you should still have some kind of empathy for helpless babies incurring immense pain, especially murderous pain.

Researchers, including a pediatric psychologist, at the University of British Columbia, said they found a “clear cortical response” and concluded there existed “the potential for both higher-level pain processing and pain-induced plasticity in the human brain from a very early age.”

Extensive evidence in the study shockingly revealed there are fetal reactions that provide evidence they’re feeling pain, including hormonal stress response, clear cortical response, and decreases in parts of the fetal middle cerebral artery, dating back all the way to 2006. This means higher level brain processing of pain from a very early age, blowing out of the water most previous theories. In fact, the earlier an infant is delivered, the more response they have to pain (think pre-terms and newborns here). They have a hyper-responsiveness to pain, in other words.

So the Left wants to say it’s not murder, to murder a baby, because that baby is not human. Well, then what is he/she? “It” has a brain, a heart, can open “its” eyes, feel pain, hear music and voices.

Guess what? Unborn babies are treated JUST LIKE PATIENTS and given pain medication for surgeries by fetal surgeons around the world. Yep. Fact. Premiere surgeons say that the fetus is a patient. So then the Democrats are saying kill the patient. Even the European fetal surgeons say that the administration of anesthesia given directly to the fetus is CRITICAL during open fetal surgeries.

Tune in to for updates on Democrats literally getting away with murder and genocide here on our home soil.

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