Bowing to the insane Left, Facebook bans user for entire MONTH over mischaracterizing a simple “A-OK” hand gesture

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Image: Bowing to the insane Left, Facebook bans user for entire MONTH over mischaracterizing a simple “A-OK” hand gesture

(Natural News) Not only is the militant American Left working to stifle conservative, pro-Trump speech, they are also working to stifle freedom of expression even to the point of mislabeling a harmless gesture that has always meant nothing but “OK.”

The speech Nazis at Facebook are in cahoots with the militant American Left, as evidenced by the increasingly ridiculous and baseless excuses used to kick supporters of POTUS Trump off the platform.

The most recent incident involved a user known as “God Emperor Trump” who was deplatformed for 30 days because he ‘flashed’ the “A-OK” sign.

You know the one:

That, we’re now told, doesn’t really mean “A-OK,” it’s code for white supremacism. And, you know, Facebook can’t have any of that on its platform because it has to make bandwidth room for anti-Semite lawmakers, Antifa domestic terrorists, and, well, militant anti-Trump Leftists.

Another user responding to God Emperor Trump — Two Way Radio — claimed they were banned as well for retweeting something from Matt Walsh, creator of MattWalshBlog and a contributor at The Daily Wire. 

Now, it’s possible that the ban could be related to the hat that the man in the picture is wearing — “Make Frogs Straight Again” — a homosexual reference. 

But that is related to the “notorious Alex Jones meme based on a rant about gender-bending chemicals in rivers that are causing frogs and fish to become genderless,” Infowars noted, which is actually happening. It’s tied to a chemical called atrazine, a popular weed killer used by farmers, according to scientific studies.


In any event, the symbol has also been widely employed by supporters of POTUS Trump, who himself would flash it during his 2016 campaign at various times during speeches and appearances. But, as Infowars noted, the Left and the speech Nazis in Silicon Valley are now triggered by it after being trolled on social site 4chan by campaigners who tricked them into believing it’s some secret white supremacy code.

Remember when free speech used to apply to all Americans and all ideas?

Infowars reported: 

Earlier this month, a Chicago Cubs fan was banned from Wrigley Field for flashing the gesture during a game. 

In a subsequent news report about the incident, NBC News blurred out the image of the hand gesture.

But honestly, even if the hand signal were indicative of something sinister, it’s just a gesture; it’s not violence, it’s not committing violence, it’s not calling for violence, it’s not terrorism, and it’s not a signal to inflict harm on someone else. 

It’s just speech, period. In this case, it’s innocuous speech, but if it weren’t innocuous — if the A-OK sign really meant what the 4chan trolls said it means, it would still be protected speech under the First Amendment.

Just not on Mark Zuckerberg’s speech platform. (Related: New film ‘You Can’t Watch This’ chronicles the big tech censorship of conservatives.)

Mind you, if Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and the rest of the social media authoritarians were around in the 1780s when the Bill of Rights were being created, the First Amendment either would never have been written as is or there would have been ‘restrictions’ and ‘conditions’ placed on speech.

But as it was, our real founders did not want any limitations on the free exchange of ideas — especially political, social, and cultural ideas — a) because they had been repressed by the British monarchy; and b) they understood that only through a free exchange of ideas can people truly be free.

The founders never intended for all speech and all ideas to be universally accepted. What they sought — all they sought — was to establish within our governing document the inherent right of people to speak, express, worship, and believe what they want, without fear of reprisal or harm.

So much for those good ol’ days.

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