Louis Farrakhan has the right to speak, even if you don’t agree with everything he says

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Image: Louis Farrakhan has the right to speak, even if you don’t agree with everything he says

(Natural News) The massive, coordinated purge of independent voices by the criminally run “techno-fascists” at Facebook targeted not just prominent conservative voices like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer, it also named and silenced Louis Farrakhan.

Louis Farrakhan, if you believe what’s been written about him, has repeatedly vilified Jews. He’s frequently called an anti-Semite. But by banning Farrakhan (and other voices), the techno-fascists prevent Farrakhan from being able to either clarify or double down on what he really believes. He is no longer allowed to even respond to criticism, since his voice has been banished.

That’s why today, despite the fact that I am a vocal defender of Israel and people of Jewish faith, I am defending Louis Farrakhan’s right to speak his mind. The censorship of Farrakhan — and Loomer, Watson and others — is evil and indicative of the authoritarian “thought police” techno-tyranny that now threatens all of humanity. If we don’t believe in the right of Farrakhan to exercise his free speech, then we don’t believe in free speech at all.

That’s why I’ve also called for President Trump to activate the military police to seize and shut down all the techno-fascist corporations and charge the CEOs of those companies (Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg) with treason.

Whether you agree with his ideas or not, Louis Farrakhan has the right to participate in the open marketplace of ideas, even if his ideas are offensive or even racist. No doubt some of his ideas are bad ideas… perhaps even highly offensive to some people. No doubt I disagree with Farrakhan on a great many things, but none of that gives one group of people — the liberal authoritarians and SJWs running Facebook — the right to annihilate Farrakhan’s voice.

Hear my full podcast explanation of why I support Louis Farrakhan’s right to speak, even though I disagree with some of what he says:


If you don’t defend the free speech rights of those you oppose, sooner or later someone will oppose you (and silence you)

“If you are going to defend free speech, don’t defend your own speech, don’t defend speech you agree with, don’t defend speech you find acceptable — if you are going to defend speech, be an American… go out there and find the most offensive and disgusting speech you can find and defend that because that is the most important speech in the world,” writes John Nolte of Breitbart News, which has also faced extreme censorship efforts by the tech giants.

He continues:

You see, if Louis Farrakhan’s speech is free, if Alex Jones’s speech is free, that means you and I are safe. They are the canaries in the coal mine, and now that those canaries are dead, none of us is safe because the Acceptable Free Speech Boundary has just moved a whole lot closer to us…

Silicon Valley’s techno-fascists aren’t even being honest about why they’ve banned Alex Jones, by the way. They falsely claim he’s an anti-Semite, just like they fabricated a completely hoaxed claim that he “beat up a child” in a viral video. The video showed some other person — a completely different person of a completely different age in a completely different city — shoving a child to the ground after the kid kept beating on him and screaming.

Yet to this very day, Jack Dorsey, the evil, criminal-minded villain behind Twitter, falsely claims that Alex Jones was engaged in “abuse of a child.” It’s wholly fabricated, but it’s enough to justify whatever censorship action they wish to take.

Similarly, I’ve been completely de-platformed by Twitter for no reason whatsoever. They didn’t try to fabricate some fake event to smear my reputation; they just cut me off and refused to respond to requests for reconsideration.

This is how the techno-fascists operate: They silence whomever they want, for any reason at all, and they act with zero transparency but total impunity. That’s why it’s time to tear down the techno-fascists and dismantle their organizations while criminally indicting their CEOs and top managers.

It’s time to END techno-fascism and dismantle the evil corporations that practice it

This scourge of techno-tyranny must be brought to an end. If Louis Farrakhan isn’t allowed to speak, and Alex Jones isn’t allowed to speak, and even Laura Loomer isn’t allowed to speak, then it’s only a matter of time before YOU aren’t allowed to speak either.

We must rise up now and demand anti-trust action against these tech giants — or military police arrests, government seizures of their domain names, or popular “occupy and dismantle” protests — or we will be forever enslaved by these evil, un-elected techno-fascists who have become authoritarian thought police.

There is no greater danger in the world today than Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Apple and Amazon. This is the evil axis that now grows in power, in the shadow of the Third Reich and its genocide, book burning and mass disarmament of people who were later herded off to gas chambers and incineration ovens. If the people don’t rise up and stop the techno-fascists now, sooner or later AI robot Google terminators will annihilate all of those who stayed silent.

The only thing that can stop these techno-tyrants is the raw force of governments seizing their corporations and dismantling their operations (or forcing them to comply with the basic civil liberties of society). It is crucial that you contact the White House, your senators and members of Congress and demand government action against the techno-fascists.

If America fails to stop this evil cancer that has now annihilated the online voices of Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, PJW, Laura Loomer and others, then America will be ruled by techno-tyranny that overpowers all government while rolling out a massive, illegal surveillance network that turns every citizen into a mind slave of the globalists.

In fact, the system is already here. Facebook apps are listening to your every word. Amazon Echo is recording and archiving all your private conversations (and has been archiving them for years). Google Nest devices contain hidden microphones that monitor everything you say in your own home. The NSA is recording every tweet, every text message, every email, every phone call and every traffic pattern you drive in your own vehicle. Your iPhone and Android phones track and record every location you visit, even if you’re turned off location services. The telecommunications companies log every movement you make, and they have been selling your private location information to bounty hunters and private investigators who can use that information to target you for execution (if you oppose the vaccine deep state, for example).

You are already living in a techno-fascist police state, whether you realize it or not. And next, they are going to dictate exactly what views and opinions you are allowed to express.

Defeat Big Tech now or die as a peasant ruled by an authoritarian, techno-fascist regime.

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