Study investigates health benefits of different cordyceps variants

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Image: Study investigates health benefits of different cordyceps variants

(Natural News) A review led by universities in Taiwan laid out the state of cordyceps research in the country, as well as potential challenges and opportunities. Their results were published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness.

  • In Taiwan, cordyceps is well-regarded for its multiple biological properties. These include being an anti-tumor, immunomodulating, antioxidant, and a pro-sexual agent.
  • In the review, the researchers identified the primary challenge in the mass production of Cordyceps sinensis, which is the difficulty in collecting natural variants with parasitic hosts, coupled with discoveries regarding its pharmacological benefits.
  • The researchers also looked at potential alternatives for C. sinensis products.
  • Aside from looking at current research on Cordyceps species, the review also investigated the health benefits of its four major species, namely: C. sinensisC. militarisC. cicadae, and C. soblifera.
  • The review also looked at how different methods of fermentation and production can influence the physicochemical properties of Cordyceps species.

In sum, the review provides a potential road map for the health industry in Taiwan on the state of cordyceps research and production. has everything you need on cordyceps and other herbal medicines.

Journal Reference:

Chiu CP, Hwang TL, Chan Y, El-Shazly M, Wu TY, Lo IW, Hsu YM, Lai KH, Hou MF, Yuan SS, et al. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF CORDYCEPS IN TAIWAN. Food Science and Human Wellness. December 2016;5(4):177–185. DOI: 10.1016/j.fshw.2016.08.001

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