To protect speech and democracy, President Trump must now seize the domain names of Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants that abuse their power to silence human beings
03/22/2019 // Mike Adams // Views

If you told me five years ago that I would wake up one day in America and have Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google all banning natural health news, and that the entire U.S. Congress and President of the United States would do absolutely nothing about it, and that there wouldn't be a single prominent voice on the political Left who would speak out against the scourge of censorship, I wouldn't have believed you.

Yet that's where we are right now in America. Actually, it's even worse. Our free speech video platform is under such intense threats and assault from upstream internet infrastructure providers that we are now being forced to implement outrageous limitations on speech in order to avoid the entire platform being annihilated (new announcement to come soon). Certain ISPs in New Zealand have now blocked the entire domain of, even after all the mosque shooting videos were removed from the platform under threat from other infrastructure providers. (New Zealand and Australia are now essentially Communist China in terms of internet censorship, with NZ rapidly becoming a new Islamic state that celebrates hijabs, a symbol of the oppression of women and gays.)

We have now reached the point where the tech giants are banning all questions about vaccines... where "anti-cancer" content is being stifled on Facebook and Google... where any opinion that opposes the authoritarian left-wing techno-tyranny is silenced into oblivion. Our elections are no longer fair and free, given that Democracy depends entirely on public knowledge and public debate so that citizens who vote might decide for themselves which candidates and policy decisions to support, yet we now find ourselves in a world where tech giants like Google and Twitter are now deciding all future elections by silencing conservative, pro-Trump, pro-Christian, pro-America speech while granting artificially high visibility to pro-Democrat, pro-socialism, pro-communism and pro-Islam speech.


"New research from psychologist and search engine expert Dr. Robert Epstein shows that biased Google searches had a measurable impact on the 2018 midterm elections, pushing tens of thousands of votes towards the Democrat candidates in three key congressional races, and potentially millions more in races across the country," reports Breitbart News. "According to Epstein’s study, at least 35,455 undecided voters in the three districts may have been persuaded to vote for a Democrat candidate because of slanted Google search results. Considering that each vote gained by a Democrat is potentially a vote lost by a Republican, this means more than 70,910 votes may have been lost by Republicans in the three districts due to Google bias. In one of these districts, CA 45, the Democrat margin of victory was just over 12,000 votes."

What the tech giants are doing today is far worse than the book burning of the Third Reich

We have truly reached the point of peak insanity, vastly outpacing the Third Reich and its systematic book burning agenda to deprive the people of access to "unauthorized" information that might be found in printed books. It's not just books that are under attack today, of course: It's all human knowledge which runs counter to the insane, deranged narratives of the political Left.

We are now being told that biology no longer exists and that gender is "fluid." Despite the fact that this insane idea violates the basic sciences of physiology, this is now such an ingrained position in the minds of the tech giants that anyone who opposes the gender fluidity delusion is labeled as being engaged in "hate speech." Facebook has even announced it will no longer allow advertising companies to market to women or women by gender selection, claiming there is no such thing as biological gender. (Yes, Leftists now literally believe there is no such thing as a "man" or a "woman.")

We're also being told that carbon dioxide is a "pollutant" and that the world will end in 12 years if we don't shut down all combustion engines and fossil fuel consumption (the "Green New Deal"). This is pure insanity on its face, especially given the fact that India and China are the world's largest producers of CO2 by far, and they would obviously not be stupid enough to collapse their entire air travel, agriculture and transportation industries in order to appease some insane, deranged Democrat from New York whose IQ is so low that is strains the very definition of "intelligent species."

Even more, carbon dioxide is actually the "greening" molecule of life for nearly all plants across Earth, and higher CO2 levels would restore rainforests, grasslands and crops which are currently suffering under near-record low concentrations of CO2 which are near the lowest point in the history of our planet.

Note the RED line in the chart below, showing how today's CO2 levels are near the lowest ever experienced in the history of our planet:

As all of this is happening, we're being told that all conservative speech is "hate speech" because Leftists -- snowflake crybullies -- have trained themselves to feel afraid of any conservative ideas, including religion, gun ownership for self-defense and even the fundamental idea of a nation controlling its own borders. "Hate speech" is now whatever the lunatic Left says it is, and even their own definition keeps wildly expanding into territory that's so far beyond sanity and reason that it begs the question of what sort of mass mental illness affliction has taken hold on liberal cities. (Seriously, are these people being mass poisoned with heavy metals or pesticide chemicals? Is there something in the food?)

No prominent Leftist has spoken out against censorship by the tech giants

Amazingly, there isn't a single prominent Leftist who thinks that total censorship, oppression of speech, gun confiscation and the collapse of the entire fossil fuel-powered agricultural industry is a problem. Almost without exception, every single Democrat in America has essentially joined the Fourth Reich of modern fascism. They cheer it. They demand it. And they see nothing wrong with it.

Fake Native American Elizabeth Warren recently declared that "housing" was a human right, yet she refuses to proclaim that speech is a human right. In fact, among all the "rights" demanded by Democrats -- including the right to murder their own babies in the name of "women's health" -- the freedom to speak is no longer one of them.

In censoring the speech of those with whom they disagree, many Leftists now demand the outright murder of all white people, Christians, Trump supporters and gun owners. They are systematically demonizing people for the color of their skin, too, claiming that being born "white" makes you evil by definition. The term "white privilege" is a racial slur, but the Left gets away with it because they don't perceive their own bigotry and racism and racism at all. Yes, the very same political party that once embraced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s call for a merit-based, color blind society is now ready to leap at the idea of genocide -- the nationwide extermination of people based entirely on the color of their skin. To them, this isn't "intolerance" or hate... it's "justice!"

Even the ACLU has been silent on the mass censorship of conservative speech, confirming it cares nothing about "civil liberties" and has collapsed into nothing but another left-wing hate branch of the SPLC. The left-wing media itself, meanwhile, has collapsed into "journo-terrorism," where its primary goal is to psychologically terrorize its own viewers rather than keep people informed about important events. Every world event is now another panic-driven bout of hysteria to try to demonize President Trump, and every idea proposed by lunatic Democrats is embraced and celebrated as being "genius" even if it's incredibly stupid and destructive to society. (How would "race reparations" really work, anyway, given that all living humans today can trace their ancestry back to Africa?)

The fake news is beyond fake: It is criminal in its intent.

And tech giants are beyond dangerous; they are running criminal racketeering and vote fraud schemes which are designed to suffocate the voices of the People and grant powerful corporations total control over the future of America. (Which, by the way, doesn't even include America as a sovereign nation, since every last one of the tech giants wants to see America overrun with illegal immigrants and turned into a Third World despotic authoritarian socialist craphole run by Democrats.)

The tech giants must be stopped, or America is lost

We have now reached the point where if either the government or "We the People" don't rise up and defeat the tech giants, humanity will be forever enslaved under a globalist system of techno-fascism. Yet U.S. Senators sit and twiddle their thumbs. Congress does nothing. There is no organized outcry, and even the President has taken no decisive action against the tech giants and their growing threat to freedom and democracy.

Where are the DOJ indictments of the CEOs of the tech giants? Where are the mass citizens' protests in front of the offices of Facebook and Twitter? Why is Jack Dorsey free to silence whomever he wants, for any reason, with zero transparency and no due process whatsoever?

"Conservatives are coming together, across a broad spectrum, of enterprises and joining forces to fight what some of us believe to be, potentially, the greatest threat to liberty in history... I think we’re heading for an all-out war," said Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, as reported by Fox News:

Bozell dined with leaders from the Washington Times, The Federalist, The Daily Signal, LifeSite News, Breitbart, Regnery Publishing, Prager U, Sinclair Broadcasting, The Heritage Foundation and others to discuss what they say is a left-wing bias among billionaire tech titans who are using their power to “push a political agenda," with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Google-owned YouTube being their primary targets.

“Google is potentially the most dangerous because of the power it has with its search engine,” Bozell said. “You’ve also got service companies that are getting into the act, whether it’s PayPal or Microsoft or numerous others, they’re now starting to either flat-out censor… or demonize conservative online publications.”

As for Twitter, Bozell said it has a global group of influencers who are able to spout their messages, while people with beliefs that don’t coincide with the company’s agenda are often muted. He said users are forced to abide by “speech control,” which gets to be “Orwellian after a while” because a ruler is essentially telling you what rhetoric is acceptable.

“Some of us have been cognizant of this emerging threat from the beginning,” Bozell said. “Only recently has everyone started realizing how big this problem is and how existentially necessary it is to fight them. Everyone is in agreement that it’s an all-hands on deck situation for freedom."

We have reached the point in this insanity where it may appear that the only remaining solution to save America and the First Amendment is going to be a mass uprising of concerned citizens who occupy and dismantle the tech giants, server by server, desk by desk, cubicle by cubicle. If the DOJ will take no action, the thinking goes, and if the President will say nothing to defend the First Amendment (since his own Twitter account is not yet banned), and the legal system has been corrupted under Sec. 230 to grant tech corporations absolute legal immunity even while they run mafia-style racketeering operations to stifle their political enemies, the remaining option comes down to pitchforks and torches, so to speak. But there may be a better option: Seizing the domain names of the tech giants and prohibiting them from operating at all (see below for more details).

If the tech giants are not stopped, they will inevitably be targeted in a coming civil war that we all hope to avoid

A day of reckoning is coming in America. We are one spark away from an open civil war, and that spark could be something as simple as the initiation of nationwide gun confiscation laws which would be fiercely resisted by armed patriots, law enforcement officers and both active duty and former military veterans. The tyranny that was just unleashed in New Zealand by an authoritarian government simply won't be tolerated in America. The people will fight it.

It has become clear that the most important strategic assets in any civil war will be the tech giants. Control over online speech is now even more important than control over the establishment media which has all but committed credibility suicide since 2016. I do not condone the use of violence against technology companies -- I call for peaceful protests and occupation -- but in my analysis, it's clear that if a second civil war is unleashed in America, the tech giants will be obvious tactical assets that get prioritized for control.

In my analysis of this theoretical civil war, until the tech giants are overrun by patriot forces, all pro-America forces in such a scenario would be designated as "terrorists" by the tech giants, which would also permanently ban all pro-America voices from every single online platform, including Google and Facebook. Seizing control over these assets and forcing a restoration of First Amendment freedoms for all Americans would be one of the most urgent priorities for pro-America forces. At the boots-on-the-ground military tactical level, this would be made difficult by the fact that tech giants tend to reside in left-wing Antifa-ridden areas of the country where anti-America forces would fight any patriots, National Guard troops or military forces that attempt to halt the Left's Fourth Reich crimes against humanity via speech oppression.

It's worth noting that the tech giants really are engaged in crimes against humanity. Silencing the speech of human beings in the way now being conducted by the tech giants is an assault on human dignity and basic human rights. All those who use peaceful, lawful means to halt these crimes against humanity and restore the basic human dignity of free speech would be well justified in doing so, including those taking part in the defense of America against the communist-leaning insurrection and treason that's now being carried out daily by the techno-fascists.

How President Trump could protect America and halt the tech giants' insurrection all at once

The "ace in the hole" in all this would be a conservative president declaring a national emergency and seizing the domain names of Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tech giants. By declaring these tech companies to be engaged in an active insurrection against the United States of America -- and operating in open complicity with Antifa terrorists and Mexican drug cartels that engage in human trafficking across the open border -- the President could demand those domains be seized by the U.S. State Department and prohibited from operating.

This is the solution that avoids the entire issue of people on the street, battling for control over physical servers and server farms. Seizing and halting Google's insurrection against America -- and its active complicity with Communist China -- is a simple, non-violent solution that would end the techno-dictatorship which has now been put in place by the tech giants.

On the flip side, a left-wing President could exercise the same power against conservatives sites and seize domain names such as or -- two independent media websites which are already targeted and largely de-platformed by leftist tech giants. Control over the domain space is the ultimate control over online speech, and that's exactly why President Trump needs to give the tech giants this ultimatum:

If you will not halt your oppression of human rights and your censorship of Americans based on political and religious bigotry as well as active election meddling, you will no longer be allowed to operate as the dominant "public square" content controllers.

Join me in spreading the word. Seizing the domain names of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest is exactly what President Trump should order right now. These tech giants are engaged in an active insurrection against America; they are engaged in active election meddling and election fraud; and they are depriving Americans of their basic civil rights and human rights by silencing important voices of dissent.

If Google, and the other tech giants are not going to honor the basic social contract of freedom of speech, they must be seized and prohibited from operating at all. Believe it or not, any President of the United States has the power to seize corporations if they are engaged in treason against America. It is time to exercise that power and restore a level playing field of free speech for all Americans.

It is time to end the techno-dictatorship in America by using the power of government to protect the First Amendment rights of the citizens. Tech companies that engage in politically biased censorship and election meddling must be halted from operating, period.

Stay informed about more news concerning the tech giants at, updated daily.


Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of, a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called "Food Forensics"), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.

Mike Adams also serves as the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

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