Another benefit of aloe vera: It reduces fasting blood glucose

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Image: Another benefit of aloe vera: It reduces fasting blood glucose

(Natural News) The number of people with diabetes continues to increase. To fight this epidemic, researchers continue to search for safe and effective natural treatments. One of the natural medicines discovered by scientists is aloe vera. A meta-analysis published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine supports the oral consumption of aloe vera for the reduction of fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), which is used to determine average blood sugar levels.

Researchers at David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base in California aimed to verify the effectiveness of oral consumption of aloe vera on reducing fasting blood sugar and HbA1c. To do this, they reviewed various studies that examined aloe vera’s effect on fasting blood sugar, HbA1c, homeostasis model assessment-estimated insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), fasting serum insulin, fructosamine, and oral sugar tolerance test (OGTT) in people with prediabetes and diabetes. The meta-analysis included a total of nine studies that included fasting blood sugar and HbA1c data. (Related: Aloe Vera Plant: A Natural, Alternative Medicine Used for Treating Diabetes, Psoriasis, Weight Loss, Cancer, and More.)

Based on the data they gathered, aloe vera consumption greatly reduced fasting blood sugar and HbA1c. Specifically, it reduced fasting blood sugar by 46.6 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) and HbA1c by 1.05 percent.

In addition, the data suggested that people with diabetes or those who have a fasting blood sugar equal to or greater than 200 mg/dL may experience greater benefits from consuming aloe vera; researchers observed a mean fasting blood sugar decrease of 109.9 mg/dL in this population.


With these findings, the researchers concluded that the consumption of aloe vera may be used as a natural treatment for lowering blood sugar levels as data showed aloe vera caused significant declines in fasting blood sugar and HbA1c in people with prediabetes and diabetes.

Other ways to lower your blood sugar naturally

You can also lower your blood sugar levels naturally by making these lifestyle changes:

  • Drink enough water: Drinking enough water may help with blood sugar control by rehydrating the blood and helping the kidneys get rid of excess blood sugar through the urine.
  • Eat more fiber-rich foods: Eating foods rich in fiber can help with controlling blood sugar levels. This is because fiber slows down carb digestion and sugar absorption, resulting in a more gradual increase in blood sugar levels. While both soluble and insoluble fibers are important, soluble fiber, in particular, has been shown to be more effective at reducing blood sugar levels. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are some fiber-rich foods you may include in your diet.
  • Exercise regularly: By exercising regularly, you are increasing your insulin sensitivity. An increased insulin sensitivity enables your cells to use the available sugar in your blood better. Exercise also helps the muscles use blood sugar for energy and muscle contraction, which also leads to reduced blood sugar levels. In addition, exercise helps you lose weight. Losing some extra pounds or maintaining a healthy weight will help you maintain normal blood sugar levels and lower your risk of developing diabetes.
  • Monitor your serving sizes: Being watchful of the food you eat will help you regulate your calorie intake and reduce blood sugar spikes, which can eventually lead to weight loss.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: Sleep is essential for overall health, and lack of sleep may lead to health problems such as diabetes. Lack of sleep affects blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, as well as increases your appetite and weight. Additionally, it can disrupt important metabolic hormones. Therefore, getting enough quality sleep will help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and promote a healthy weight.
  • Limit your intake of carbohydrates: Limiting your intake of carbohydrates is essential for blood sugar control. Eating too many carbohydrates can increase blood sugar levels as they are broken down by the body into glucose.

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