Gov. Gavin Newsom commits financial suicide for the state of California by expanding taxpayer-funded health care coverage to illegal immigrants

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Image: Gov. Gavin Newsom commits financial suicide for the state of California by expanding taxpayer-funded health care coverage to illegal immigrants

(Natural News) The economic illiteracy of newly-elected California governor Gavin Newsom was on full display right after his inauguration ceremony. As his first act as governor, Newsom signed a series of executive orders that fine California citizens without healthcare coverage, while financially catering to illegal immigrants and demanding federal assistance for healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants. California governor Gavin Newsom is committed to pillaging California’s hard-working population with higher taxes, while providing illegal immigrants the funds they need for unnecessary healthcare spending.

California will become the first state to cover undocumented adults under age 26 with the state’s Medicaid program. The executive order foments a clause from the Affordable Care Act, expanding benefits to young illegals. This act alone will drive up costs of health services, taxing citizens first from their paycheck and secondly when they require healthcare. Newsom’s new executive orders are part of his first year “California for All” plan, which includes steps toward universal healthcare coverage, even for illegal immigrants. The executive order boosts pricing and purchasing benefits for prescription drugs for illegals — a benefit that will extend to 13 million Californians, up from two million previously. Financial subsidies from the Affordable Care Act will be expanded to individuals earning up to $72,840, up from the previous cap of $48,000. The state funds will also cover subsidies for families of four earning up to $150,600, up from $98,000 previously.


California governor brings back Obamacare fines for California citizens

The executive order also mandates Obama-era fines on individuals who cannot afford or do not want to purchase health insurance plans. This is one way the California governor plans to pay for illegals’ access to more prescription drugs and doctor visits. “To pay for increased financial help for families, the budget proposes fighting back against the federal government’s attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Act by reinstating the individual mandate at the state level,” Newsom’s office said.

If California cannot recoup the money through fines, they will attempt to take the money from the rest of the country’s taxpayers. Newsom has already sent a letter to President Trump and congressional leaders, demanding that federal laws be amended to enable California to apply for and receive “Transformational Cost and Universal Coverage Waivers.” In other words, California’s illegal immigrant population is entitled to the taxpayer funds from every other state. Newsom’s letter says this will “empower California to truly innovate and to begin trans-formative reforms that provide the path to a single-payer health care system.” What a con artist!

In his inaugural address, Newsom proclaimed, “We will use both our market power and our moral power to demand fairer prices for prescription drugs.” All the executive orders he dished out on day one do not tap into California’s “market power.” Instead, the orders rely on the power of the state, mandates, demands, and the pillaging of the country’s resources in order to cater to illegal immigration. Newsom’s glamorized theft programs assert no “moral power” as he laughably postulates.

Extending the border wall up the east and north sides of California

The President should do whatever it takes to protect the country from governors like Newsom, who looks to pillage the country’s resources all for the benefit of illegal immigrants. Perhaps the border wall should extend, not along the southern California border, but along its eastern and northern borders, to protect the rest of the U.S. from the state’s plunders, including its drugs, disease, crime, corruption, mandates, growing illegal immigration problem, and continual financial doom. Hopefully California will declare secession from the Union soon, so California can finally be cut off from the rest of the country’s funds.

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