Trump effect: Now that POTUS wants to end wars, Democrats suddenly support them

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Image: Trump effect: Now that POTUS wants to end wars, Democrats suddenly support them

(Natural News) In recent weeks, POTUS Donald Trump announced that he would be withdrawing all 2,200 troops from Syria and cutting U.S. forces in Afghanistan in half over the next several months as part of his campaign promise to end America’s endless wars.

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Indeed, the withdrawal from Syria has already begun. The Associated Press reported Thursday that Pentagon officials have confirmed it after earlier news reports claimed that POTUS was going to slow-walk the withdrawals, which was obviously wrong.

“There’s no contradiction whatsoever. This is a story made up by the media. That’s fine. You all write what you’d like,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters in Cairo Thursday. “President Trump’s decision to withdraw our troops has been made. We will do that.”

The news was welcomed by millions of Americans who are weary of seeing their military sent overseas to fight non-stop brushfire wars in failed states and to protect the borders of other countries when they could be, and should be, protecting ours.

Democrats used to support these withdrawals. But suddenly, in the era of POTUS Trump, they have changed their minds.

According to a new survey by Politico and Morning Consult, Democratic voters have changed their minds.

Fifty percent of Democrats now say the oppose pulling out of Syria — a conflict that Congress never directly authorized with a declaration of war, by the way. Only 29 percent support withdrawal.

Meanwhile, a plurality of Democrats — 41 percent — oppose leaving Afghanistan, while 40 percent support pulling out.

“Partisanship is a disease,” tweeted roving reporter Michael Tracy.


Meanwhile, in polling taken after the president announced withdrawing from Syria last month, most Americans support it, according to The Hill.

And speaking of the Politico poll, most Americans surveyed did say they “strongly support” or “somewhat support” the withdrawals, comprising a majority.

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