SICKOS: NBC liberal comedian Seth Meyers mocks American victims of violent illegal aliens

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Image: SICKOS: NBC liberal comedian Seth Meyers mocks American victims of violent illegal aliens

(Natural News) In a shocking display of callous insensitivity, late-night NBC “comedian” Seth Meyers somehow decided it would be a good idea to mock illegal alien murder victims immediately following President Trump’s recent address to the nation about the dire need for a wall to be built along America’s southern border.

Just minutes after the president concluded his message on Tuesday evening, during which he shared multiple accounts of American lives that have been taken at the hands of illegals, Meyers jested, “Is this Oval Office: SVU?” – the inference being that the countless criminal acts perpetrated by unlawful invaders are some kind of joke.

“Over the last several years, I’ve met with dozens of families whose loved ones were stolen by illegal immigration,” were the moving words President Trump spoke during his address that Meyers apparently thought would be good material for a Twitter stand-up routine.

“I’ve held the hands of the weeping mothers and embraced the grief-stricken fathers. So sad. So terrible. I will never forget the pain in their eyes, the tremble in their voices, or the sadness gripping their souls.”

It was a somber and moving speech for our Commander-in-Chief as he paid tribute to the many families of the victims he’s met over the years, including the family of 33-year-old California police officer Ronil Singh, who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien last year during a traffic stop involving suspected drunk driving.

Regardless of one’s political leanings, what the president had to say was nothing short of moving. But to heartless (and possibly soulless) Seth Meyers, it was merely cannon fodder to rally the Leftist keyboard warriors to take yet another tired swipe at “not their president” – except that it backfired in a major way.


Immediately after Meyers broadcasted his blatant disregard for American lives on Twitter, the rebuking came in full force. Former NBC and Fox News host Megyn Kelly, for instance, responded: “I’m sure that’s hysterical to the families of the murder victims the president just discussed.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfield also responded, stating: “just wondering if there was anything less funny than seth meyers – turns out, it’s his twitter feed.” And internet sensation and actual comedian Mark Dice chimed in: “Why are you mocking the victims and their families? Illegal aliens murdering Americans isn’t funny, scum.”

Independent news personality Dennis Michael Lynch seemed to have a whole lot to say to Seth Meyers, but summed it up succinctly with: “You’re a lowlife POS, ain’t no other way to say it.” And the group For America tweeted back, in response to Meyers’ original question: “No, it’s real life,” followed by multiple photos of actual American victims who’ve been murdered by illegal aliens.

On and on the responses came, mostly in condemnation of Meyers’ total lack of care or concern about the problem of illegal immigration, particularly as it pertains to the safety of law-abiding Americans. Perhaps Meyers is the poster-child of how many Leftists think these days, especially those who trot out phrases like “no human is illegal” as they reside safely in their wall-enclosed estates far away from where the illegals live.

“It is time for law and order to be restored in America. Border security is an urgent priority to achieve that goal,” writes Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“There shall be no sanctuary for violent criminal felons who also happen to be illegal aliens, and there shall be no place in this nation for governors or mayors who betray their own citizens by pardoning violent criminal aliens in order to shield them from federal deportation.”

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