Lifestyle changes you can make today to reduce cellulite

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Image: Lifestyle changes you can make today to reduce cellulite

(Natural News) Cellulite develops when a layer of fat pushes into the connective tissue right below the skin’s surface, creating a bumpy, cottage cheese-like dimpling on the skin. It affects about 90 percent of women and commonly appears on the thighs, pelvic area, or abdomen. Estrogen dominance, lymphatic congestion, and diet may contribute to cellulite. There are many products like pills, creams, and gels marketed to reduce or eliminate cellulite, but most of these are expensive and sometimes, aren’t even effective. Fortunately, there are natural ways to reduce cellulite without breaking the bank. Here are the lifestyle changes you need to make to reduce cellulite:

    1. Quit smoking: Smoking has been strongly linked to an increased predisposition of cellulite storage. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know this. So if you are a smoker, the first thing you have to do to reduce cellulite is to stop smoking. Quitting smoking will also be good for your health in general.
    2. Lose weight: One of the primary causes of increased cellulite is unwanted weight gain, so start losing weight today. Research indicates that the more weight you lose, the more cellulite is reduced. You can start losing weight by upgrading your diet and exercise routine.
    3. Follow a healthy diet: Diet is one of the primary factors that influences weight loss and cellulite reduction. For people who are overweight, it is important to improve blood sugar control for better cellulite reduction. Try these dietary tips:
      • Avoid processed simple carbs and sugars that increase blood sugar and promote weight gain.
      • To reduce total carbohydrate intake, limit intake of starchy carbs, such as bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.
      • Include more lean proteins in your meal, at least one palm size each meal.
      • Increase your intake of healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil.
      • Eat more nutrient-dense cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens.
    4. Get moving: Exercise may not cure cellulite, but it helps promote fat loss, which reduces cellulite in turn. You don’t have to spend an hour at the gym every single day. Instead, you may want to add more high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your routine, or start walking more when you can.
    5. Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated is not only important for overall health, but also for cellulite reduction. Your goal is to drink eight glasses of water every day. To keep track of your water intake and be consistent, you can download water-tracking apps.
    6. Reconsider taking birth control pills: Taking the birth control pill may have side effects, such as increased weight gain, which then leads to the accumulation of cellulite. Taking pills has also been shown to negatively affect the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, causing dysbiosis which can cause inflammation, digestive distress, and constant cravings.
    7. Try hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy refers to the therapeutic use of hot and cold water to improve health. Traditionally, it has also been used to reduce cellulite. It works by increasing circulation, constricting or dilating the blood vessels in response to the hot and cold temperatures. This helps increase lymphatic flow and get rid of lymphatic congestion which causes the formation of cellulite. You can start hydrotherapy at home by taking a two-minute hot shower, then switching to a 30-second relatively colder shower. Alternate for three cycles, slowly making the water colder for each cycle, and end with cold water.
    8. Get massages regularly: Similar to hydrotherapy, a massage helps increase lymphatic flow and move the white blood cells around the body. This process helps thin subcutaneous fat around the thigh, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
    9. Try using essential oils: You can also reduce the appearance of cellulite by using essential oils. The best essential oils for cellulite reduction include grapefruit essential oil, cypress essential oil, juniper essential oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil, cinnamon essential oil, neroli essential oil, orange essential oil, spearmint essential oil, tangerine essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, sweet fennel essential oil, and patchouli essential oil.

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