Homeopathy 101: How autoimmune disorders begin and how to treat them holistically

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Image: Homeopathy 101: How autoimmune disorders begin and how to treat them holistically

(Natural News) Most people recognize that the immune system is the body’s way of protecting itself against harmful invaders, whether they be toxins, pathogens, or some other damaging substance. There’s also autoimmunity, which is when the immune system goes awry and actually starts to attack itself.

Autoimmune disorders are prolific in today’s world, and many people who suffer from them are desperate for solutions that just can’t seem to be found. But what if there was a way to counteract this inability of the immune system to maintain “self-tolerance,” and get it back up and running normally and optimally?

Homeopathy has the potential to do that, wielding its unique energetic properties as a powerful weapon against the autoimmune-instigated inflammation of bodily tissue.

As explained in a paper entitled, The Mosaic of Auto-Immune Disorders in the Eyes of a Homeopath, homeopathy is uniquely suited as a remedy for a whole host of autoimmune disorders because of its ability to impact both the body and mind.

Because the basis behind homeopathy is to identify the source of a problem in order to deal with it at the root, it’s a great option for sufferers of autoimmune disorders that have a strong psychological link.

Studies have shown that elevated levels of psychological distress are associated with scleroderma and Sjögren’s syndrome patients, for instance. Many other autoimmune disease have a similar psychological and emotional link that impact both immune and neuroendocrine function, making them a good fit for a homeopathic approach.


“There is considerable evidence to suggest that emotional states can produce alterations in the immune response,” the paper explains.

“It is currently accepted that the brain and the immune system share bidirectional communication and exert important regulatory control over one another. The existence of such neural-immune interactions provides a pathway by which psychological processes can influence and be influenced by immune function.”

Homeopathy is about treating the patient as a whole, not just symptoms

When a qualified homeopath is evaluating a patient based on autoimmune symptoms, he or she will usually conduct miasmatic assessments to determine the symptoms, sensations, or pains experienced by the patient in an attempt to identify their causes. This may involve paying close attention to a patient’s feelings, emotions, life status, past medical treatments, and even personality or disposition in order to come up with an appropriate remedy.

The ultimate goal with homeopathy is to treat the patient as a whole, and not just his or her symptoms as is the case with traditional pharmaceuticals. It’s a holistic approach that tries to get at the root of an issue, and not just to cover it all up by pumping the patient full of “feel good” drugs.

Any viable healing approach should look at disease this way, and this is exactly what homeopathy does by linking the mind to the body in coming up with true lasting, healing solutions for patients – including those who have been damaged by vaccines. And perhaps the best part about homeopathy is that it’s completely safe and non-toxic, affording patients true healing with little or no damaging side effects.

“The concept of ADs is interesting for the homeopath in the sense that all AD cases need a holistic approach in treatment and homeopathy meets that integrated modality comprising of mental and physical consortium, the genetic milieu and the massive influx of environmental variables that constantly exerts its influence over the fragile immune system that is confused and has become haywire,” the paper adds.

“The homeopathic treatment redirects the journey, allows to find the lost identity and renders a healing touch necessary for harmony and synthesis!”

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