Here are 6 reasons to soak in a hot tub

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Image: Here are 6 reasons to soak in a hot tub

(Natural News) Hot tubs or Jacuzzis offer both physical and mental benefits. You don’t have to buy one to experience the benefits because they are accessible in most spas, gyms, and hotels. Here are several reasons why you should try soaking in a hot tub:

  • It lessens soreness and stiffness: Many athletes use hot tubs after doing sports to treat and prevent muscle and joint soreness, which are some of the common problems of athletes. Soaking in hot water improves blood flow to the skin and muscle, speeding up the recovery process. Having better blood flow helps muscles repair, prevents stiffness, and promotes joint homeostasis. The jets in hot tubs also have some healing effects as they offer a high-pressure hydromassage. This is beneficial in reducing stiffness and soreness. Some jets can also be adjusted to focus on a particular part of the body. In this way, muscle spasms are lessened, which in turn, potentially relieves pain.
  • It reduces your risk of having an injury: Regularly soaking in a hot tub can help cut your risk of injury because it loosens tight muscles and improves movement. Hot water can help relax tight and stiff muscles, which cause strains or tears, by improving blood flow to them. Having well-functioning muscles also enhances performance. Research has shown that hot tubs can improve lower back injuries and reduce pain, which can be comparable to hydrotherapy, which is used for rehabilitation. A lot of athletes use hot tubs to loosen and relax their muscles and prevent injuries as part of the recovery process.
  • It enhances blood flow: Hot water promotes vessel dilation, which helps blood flow. When there is better blood circulation, more oxygen and nutrients can reach the affected areas to repair any damage. The jets can also help relax the soft tissue and promote blood flow to the extremities, speeding muscle recovery and reducing soreness.
  • It helps speed up the healing process: Hot tubs can help people with injuries, and other conditions, recover faster. The hot water and the jets can serve as a hydrotherapy treatment which helps rehabilitation. In addition, the buoyancy of the water helps people move and do resistance exercises which is also beneficial for people with injuries and other conditions such as muscle strains. Moreover, the water removes pressure from certain joints, reducing pain, enhancing mobility, and strengthening muscles. People with arthritis and osteoporosis will benefit from soaking in a hot tub.
  • It reduces stress: Hot tubs are also good for your mental health. While the hot water works on the muscles, the bubbles offer a soothing massage. You can also try reflexology massage techniques on your feet to further reduce stress. (Related: Holistic Natural Remedies and Tips For Grief and Stress.)
  • It improves your sleep: Taking a hot bath in a hot tub before going to bed is ideal to help you have a good night’s sleep, relaxing both the body and mind. The hot bath relaxes the muscles and loosens stiff muscles. The swirling water and buoyancy further induce relaxation and promote the conditions for a deeper sleep. Moreover changes in body temperature when getting in and then getting out of the water also promotes better sleep. You may also feel extra drowsy as your body cools down.

Hot water treatment helps improve inflammation and metabolism

A hot bath may help fight inflammation and regulate blood sugar levels, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

The study involved having 10 overweight participants who did not exercise go through one of two experiments. They either sat in a 102-degree tub of water up to their necks or sat in a temperature-controlled room for an hour every day for two weeks. The researchers measured the participants’ heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature every 15 minutes during the experiments. Before and two hours after the experiments, the researchers took blood samples from the participants.


The results revealed that soaking in hot water may reduce inflammation, improved blood flow, reduced fasting insulin levels, and blood sugar.

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