Prepper medicine: The golden chanterelle mushroom hastens wound healing

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Image: Prepper medicine: The golden chanterelle mushroom hastens wound healing

(Natural News) In SHTF situations, finding a place that sells items for your emergency kit may be harder than normal, so knowing which medicine can be obtained from nature is important. The golden chanterelle mushroom, an edible fungus, makes for more than just a good and filling dinner. According to a study, you can also use it to heal your wounds faster.

The study, published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, investigated the fungus’ antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. To do this, they performed an in vivo experiment on male rats.

The animals were given a circular excision and a linear incision and then divided into four groups: nontreated, vehicle-treated, treated with an ointment containing mushroom extract, and treated with madecassol, the reference drug. The circular and linear wounds were treated topically once a day for nine days and 17 days respectively.

At the end of the study, the authors took samples of the wounds. Analysis revealed that the two groups treated with mushroom extract had wounds that had healed the most. The researchers also noted that the mushroom-treated group did not have as much trace of inflammatory enzymes as the other groups.

The researchers believe that their findings prove the golden chanterelle mushroom’s ability to hasten wound healing. By decreasing the concentration of inflammatory enzymes in the area of the wound, the extract may have also decreased the gravity of the pain caused by the injury.

Other plants that aid in healing wounds

In certain situations, waiting for the body’s natural ability to recover from wounds may be highly impractical. Ensuring that wounds heal faster reduces the risk of infection. In dire circumstances, it also means being able to defend yourself better or being able to move to safer locations as needed.


Aside from the golden chanterelle mushroom, the following plants may be used to hasten the wound-healing process:

  • Gotu kola – Like its cousin, parsley, this herb contains plenty of triterpenoids. These natural compounds offer many health benefits, among which is the ability to speed up the wound healing process. As an ointment, gotu kola can be used to treat minor wounds and certain skin conditions while reducing the risk of developing scars.
  • Aloe vera – This succulent herb is most famous for its ability to beautify skin, but its medicinal uses do not end there. It is one of the best natural treatments for burns – so good that cooks of old kept an aloe plant within easy reach to be rubbed on minor burns. Apart from its compounds that soothe inflammation, aloe vera also contains natural chemicals that stimulate the growth of new skin for minimal scarring.
  • Calendula – Also known as marigold, these plants are known more famously for their flowers’ strong scent. Animal tests have shown that they may help speed up recovery from minor wounds, especially when applied as tinctures or ointments. Do note, however, that some plants called marigold are not, in fact, calendula and so may not offer the same health benefit.
  • Arnica – This relative of the sunflower works best for burns and small wounds. It is often used as an ingredient in ointments, creams, and tinctures. Experts warn that arnica should not be taken internally unless diluted, as it can cause irregular heartbeats.
  • Yarrow – This herb is an exceptional treatment for wounds. Studies show that it contains compounds that help halt bleeding and promote recovery. Care must be taken before harvesting yarrow because of its visual similarities to the toxic poison hemlock.

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