Fluoridated water or pus-laden, antibiotic-laced milk? Nanny State of California’s new law limits kid’s choices on all restaurant menus

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Image: Fluoridated water or pus-laden, antibiotic-laced milk? Nanny State of California’s new law limits kid’s choices on all restaurant menus

(Natural News) Just like Hitler said, it’s for the “greater good.” The Orwellian State of California is not done filling your children with hazardous chemicals, now that kids cannot attend school without getting injected with 50 toxic vaccines before age 7, because now your family cannot go out to eat at a restaurant without your child being told by the government that two of the most health-damaging drinks are the only two choices they have on the menu. According to lawmakers there, it’s for the greater good, and parents are too stupid to manage their children’s health, so the government must step in and handle it. Here’s how.

Sodium fluoride is a drug, a chemical concoction, and an insecticide that gets insidiously dripped into municipal tap water, which nearly all restaurants in California use to serve their patrons, including children and babies. Non-organic milk comes from cows trapped in confined animal feeding operations across America that are so filthy with feces the animals must be drugged up with antibiotics that, in combination with artificial hormones, give the animals digestive tract disorders and udder infections. The pus in that milk is laden with pathogens, parasites, bacteria, and viruses that are not always all killed through pasteurization. Still want to go out to eat at a “nice” restaurant in Cali? Didn’t think so.

California government wants you to believe that pus-milk and tap water are healthy choices for children

It’s not even really so much about telling people what they can and can’t do, you see. The real Tom-foolery in all of this is to brainwash people into believing the government knows what’s best for “the governed” and is trying to help you. That’s been the FDA and CDC con from the get-go, dating back to more than a century ago. Here’s how it works: You state a given that’s a lie to begin with, then you tell people to make a choice. It’s called close by choice and it’s the oldest trick that used-car salesmen sling. Even though both cars you’re looking at are lemons, the choice is the price or the payment, not the fact that both choices are bogus.

California lawmakers already passed the new state law that forces restaurants to limit children’s drink options on menus to two health scams. Just because they’re cutting out high fructose corn syrup from the options doesn’t mean suddenly the obesity and diabetes epidemics are being addressed. The insidious hack of a Governor Jerry Brown just signed another nanny-state law, SB 1192, that easily passed in the Assembly and Senate.

If you’re really concerned with your children’s health, you’ll count chemicals, not calories

Through a relentless campaign of shaming parents, forcing toxic choices, and taking campaign contributions from Big Pharma, the California politicians are some of the most evil and corrupt shills walking the Earth today. Between Richard “The Mercury Joker” Pan and Jerry “Poison your Kids” Brown, it’s hard to know what deadly law is coming next for the State of California. The depopulation agenda in the “golden state” is in full swing. If the “Demoncrats” win back national power in November, expect this nanny-state insanity to begin a full sweep across the country, until the USA becomes the new USSR.

Here’s the mentality of the governing clowns of California: If there’s poison in the food or medicine, don’t stop the manufacturers from creating and selling it, just force the sheeple (and their kids) by law to eat and inject certain ones, or pay fines and go to jail.

According to the new nanny state milk and tap water only law, restaurants that violate it will pay fines up to $500. Thou shall not serve children any poison unless approved by the State of California.

The science is in folks, and you don’t need to count calories to avoid disease and disorder, you need to filter chemicals from your daily intake, including from food, tap water, medicine, personal care products, and home cleaning products. Now watch these videos and learn why conventional milk and tap water are not healthy choices for your children, ever.

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