NBC News totally exposed as a lying FAKE NEWS propaganda network desperately trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh

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Image: NBC News totally exposed as a lying FAKE NEWS propaganda network desperately trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh

(Natural News) In the age of POTUS Donald Trump, so-called “establishment” media outlets have proven time and again they are more than willing to forego journalistic integrity and ethical standards for any opportunity to bash the president or destroy anyone associated with him.

The latest media organization to sacrifice integrity and accuracy in an effort to destroy an honorable man and jurist, along with his family, is NBC News.

Earlier this week the network ran three separate stories involving Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his sexual assault accusers that were long on hype and supposition but glaringly scant of facts.

As The Daily Caller reports, on Monday the network published a story that attempted to challenge Kavanaugh’s testimony under oath last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, in which he specifically appeared to refute sexual assault allegations by Palo Alto University Professor Christine Blasey Ford from 35-plus years ago, charges that Kavanaugh has categorically and emphatically denied, and with credibility.

The network claimed in the story that Kavanaugh’s testimony that he had never heard of former Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez’s allegations against him before they were published Sept. 23 by The New Yorker.

Ramirez said that Kavanaugh, while drunk, exposed himself to her at a party while they were in college – though she wasn’t really sure if it was Kavanaugh or not. (Related: Chief counsel for Senate Judiciary Committee backhands Avenatti: ‘We focus on credible allegations’.)

The Daily Caller reports:


NBC cited text messages showing members of Kavanaugh’s team working to prepare a response to the unproven allegation before the New Yorker published its article. NBC presented the texts as evidence that Kavanaugh misled the public in his testimony. But the article (which has since been updated) was misleading for two reasons.

‘Allegations are offensive and absurd’

First, the original NBC story omitted part of Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony where he said he’d heard Ramirez was “calling around to classmates” in search of anyone who ‘remembered’ details of her allegations (none have).

Secondly, the network’s characterization of Kavanaugh’s statement – that he had not heard anything regarding the allegations before the Sept. 23 article – was in conflict with a Kavanaugh quote contained in the same article.

CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted, “Kavanaugh is quoted in the New Yorker story denying the allegation so of course, he had heard about it prior to publication.”

Only, it was obvious Kavanaugh meant he had not heard anything about the allegations in the 30 years between the time he was alleged to have committed the act and the time the allegations showed up in The New Yorker.

The network was criticized again after a fourth sexual abuse allegation surfaced. NBC reported Sept. 26 on an anonymous letter accusing the Supreme Court nominee of shoving his then-girlfriend “up against the wall very aggressively and sexually” as they left a bar in 1998.

But not long after his former girlfriend, who now sits on the federal bench as well, wrote and signed a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee flatly denying the allegation.

“To the extent the attached letter is referring to me as the ‘friend who was dating him,’ the allegations it makes are both offensive and absurd,” said Judge Dabney Friedrich in a letter first obtained by The Daily Caller.

“At no time did Brett ever shove me against a wall, including in an ‘aggressive and sexual’ manner. When we dated, Brett always treated me with the utmost respect and we remain friends to this day,” she wrote, adding that she’s also never seen – nor is aware of – any incident in which Kavanaugh acted inappropriately or aggressively toward anyone.

NBC was also criticized over a story involving a now-deleted social media post from Christina King Miranda, who claimed only to have heard ‘rumors’ about an alleged incident and his first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. No evidence was presented, but NBC ran the story anyway.

Read more about the fake news media and its grotesque reporting on the Kavanaugh nomination at NewsFakes.com.

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