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(Natural News) During a recent episode of the SGT Report, which aired at, host Sean Turnbull discussed some very important matters relating to the Left’s ongoing witch hunt against President Trump, as well as the true culprits who are trying to take down America: the communist, Marxist Democrats.

Speaking with Lynette Zang from ITM Trading, Turnbull addressed numerous issues relating to the financial state of our country, the globalist agenda, President Donald Trump’s refusal to “play ball” with the agents of the New World Order, and more. Offering up her opinions as a financial expert, Zang also weighed in on the state of our money supply.

“I believe that we’ve been witnessing the hyperinflation,” Zang stated. “All that money, that hyper-inflated money printing, the QE, went into stocks, it went into bonds, it went into real estate, and it went into derivatives.”

Zang’s expert analysis on such matters is available in the below video:

“Demon” John Brennan behind traitorous witch hunt against President Trump

Perhaps even more relevant are the recent developments with President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which the “Deep State” was quick to condemn because it exposed them for the traitors that they are.

One such traitor is the treasonous, treacherous demon known as John Brennan, who tweeted following the President’s meeting that Trump is basically a traitor. He stated that’s Trump’s press “performance” in Helsinki “rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors'” – which is quite the declaration.

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Those familiar with Brennan’s ongoing Deep State treason will find his indictment of President Trump somewhat humorous, considering it was he who helped orchestrate the setting up of this witch hunt against a legally-elected American president.

“Brennan sent teams over to work with the British,” stated Harley Schlanger from during an earlier interview with Turnbull.

“He and Clapper went to Comey – who’s turning out to be a hapless halfwit – they went to Comey and said, ‘You have to set up an investigation into this.'”

You can read more of Schlanger’s investigatory work at

Anderson Cooper, John King, and many others are American ENEMIES who need to be shut down

It really must have stung Brennan that President Trump brought up the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server, which really should be at the crux of the “Russiagate investigation” as it contains the hacked emails that the DNC, despite being asked by the FBI to hand them over, has thus far refused to do.

We also now know, based on crucial information put forth by Kim Dotcom – who has stated that he would reveal the truth under oath – that it was murdered DNC insider Seth Rich, and not the Russians, who are behind the leaked emails that were handed over to Wikileaks.

The CIA mockingbirds at CNN and other news outlets were, of course, quick to jump onboard the traitor train in attacking Trump over these revelations. They were quite literally foaming at the mouth in the aftermath of the Trump-Putin press conference, accusing him of being a traitor when they, in fact, are the real traitors.

“Trump and Putin were brilliant,” says Schlanger.

“They actually proposed a solution to investigate how both sides have committed crimes in interfering with elections. Raising the issue of Browder and the theft of Russian assets during the Yeltsin years was also excellent. Anderson Cooper, John King, etc. are showing their true colors – and they are not red, white, and blue. There must be a sharp response to their treachery, and there will be … the real traitors are the ones you see on TV who are bashing Trump.”

Be sure to watch the full episode of the SGT Report at

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