The Left’s true agenda revealed: Satanic human sacrifice on an industrial scale and the complete decimation of whites, conservatives, Christians and Western values

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Image: The Left’s true agenda revealed: Satanic human sacrifice on an industrial scale and the complete decimation of whites, conservatives, Christians and Western values

(Natural News) I noticed some years ago that most people on the left fall into one or both of two categories. There are those I call “professional offended people,” meaning that being offended is pretty much the life’s work of such people. If a school teacher inadvertently so much as mentions God, or dares to pray silently in class, someone will be “deeply offended”, “marginalized,” and “threatened” by his behavior, and will sue the school district, usually after contacting a professionally offended organization like the ACLU or the SPLC.

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The other group is composed of “againsters,” people who pretend to be for some vaguely noble-sounding cause, like women’s rights, or Black rights, or saving the planet from some imaginary peril. But if we look at their actual deeds, and the actual, real-world consequences of the programs they advocate, we find that women and Blacks are ill-served, and the planet is neither imperiled nor saved. Their real motivation is opposition…typically they oppose America, Israel, Judaism, Christianity, Judeo-Christian morality, free speech, the Second Amendment, free, Republican government, and a free market economy. And most leftists fall into both of these categories.


The problem for the left is that hatred of “the other” by itself does not make for a viable movement. It is all very well for leftists to hate Trump, or the “patriarchy,” but if they do not also love their own comrades they cannot hold together, especially as they increasingly initiate real violence against those they oppose. But the left is not into love, or respect, or loyalty…all of which is a part of the Judeo-Christian morality they despise. Decades of identity politics has fragmented the left into factions who hate one another even more than they hate the rest of us.


The radical feminists are a good example. Many, though not all, are lesbians. The twisted sisters are “united” only by their common hatred of all men, and their hatred of unborn babies. Unlimited, late term and partial-birth abortion, taxpayer funded, is the very foundation of their sick, evil religion. Think Satanic human sacrifice on an industrial scale. And make no mistake about it…they really do hate men, even male leftists. They speak of the “patriarchy,” and the bitter irony of it all is that there is a sort of patriarchy, composed of mostly old, mostly White men like George Sauron, Ted Turner, the Rothschildes, etc. Yet it is precisely this patriarchy that has always financed and controlled the left, which they created to begin with. Radical feminists, at least at the highest levels of their cult, knowingly do the bidding of such men.


And Black racists, hating all White people, also take their marching orders from these old, White men. Over the last few decades Blacks (in general, and with numerous exceptions) have arguably become the most racist, hate-filled group in the United States. Listen to the ravings of Al Sharpton or Hussein Obama, or the New Black Panthers who advocate killing even White children and infants. Blacks make up only a small minority of the population but commit most of the crime, and Whites and Asians are their favorite victims. Inner city Blacks use any excuse to riot, attacking White people and destroying property. Yet leftists imagine that they can make common cause with these people and stand shoulder to shoulder with them, boldly warring against those of us who ask merely to be left alone.

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