Could this native Mexican plant be the next cancer cure?

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Image: Could this native Mexican plant be the next cancer cure?

(Natural News) A recent study investigated the antiproliferative, apoptotic, and cytotoxic effects of compounds in the fruit of the yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana) on human cancer cell lines. It indicated that the methanolic extract of the indigenous Mexican medicinal plant could serve as a safe and natural means of treating various human cancers. The findings of the study came out in the science journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

  • The yellow oleander originated in Mexico and Central America. Also called ayoyote and codo de fraile, it was traditionally used to treat hemorrhoids, scabies, tumors, and ulcers.
  • The methanolic extract of yellow oleander fruit was tested for its cytotoxicity on human breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer cell lines. It was also tested on healthy fibroblast and Vero cells. The extract was fractionated for further cytotoxic analysis and examination.
  • The yellow oleander methanolic extract showed cytotoxic activity on human breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer lines. The extract also greatly reduced the motility and spread of cancer cells.
  • Furthermore, the extract decreased the cell size, membrane blebbing, and detachment of cancer cells. It also induced cancer cells to die.
  • Analysis of the fractions identified Fractions Four and Five as the most effective cytotoxic agents. The two fractions contained thevetiaflavone and cardiac glycosides.

The study concluded that the fruit extract of the yellow oleander can inhibit the adhesion, motility, and proliferation of human breast and colorectal cancer cells. It can also cause human prostate and lung cancer cells to destroy themselves, while also having minimal effects on healthy human cells.

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