The fallacy of “hate speech”

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Image: The fallacy of “hate speech”

(Natural News) This is a partial reprinting of “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded,” available at this link (PDF).

The Censorship Master Plan Decoded (i.e. “The Adams Report”)

The blueprint for how tech giants covertly silence online speech, and how America can fight back against corporate tech monopolists

One of the pillars of the internal justifications for banning political speech is the invocation of “hate speech.”

Internet gatekeepers such as Google, YouTube and Facebook, deliberately conflate the label of “hate speech” with conservative views, pretending that individuals seeking to defend their national borders are therefore by definition “haters” of ethnic illegal immigrants. Similarly, cultural agendas such as LGBT transgenderism are considered “love” by the left-leaning internet gatekeepers, meaning by definition that any who oppose a transgenderism agenda — including the transgender indoctrination of children — must be primarily motivated by “hate.”

In essence, anything the Left wants to promote is labeled “love” while everything conservatives support is labeled “hate.” These labels are arbitrarily assigned based entirely on tribal bias, utterly failing any legitimate test of universal rules or logic. For example, if a universal rule is written that says individuals may honor their cultural heritage, that rule must then be selectively reversed exclusively for people who are white Southerners in America, since the bigoted Left believes that white people who live in the South must never be allowed to celebrate their own history and culture, as an example.


“Hate speech” is being defined by those who are, themselves, filled with hatred toward America, Christians, unborn babies and individual liberties

Through this gross distortion and selective reasoning, the label “hate speech” has been used to shadow ban, blacklist and outright ban content that is pro-America, pro-Trump, pro-Second Amendment, pro-liberty, pro-Christian, pro-life and so on. While any of these positions could be described as “love” by a reasonable person — we love America, we love Trump, we love our gun rights, we love liberty, we love God, we love unborn babies — the intellectually dishonest Left chooses to arbitrarily describe them in terms of “hate.”

What is the basis of such a label? There is no logical basis. The “hate” label actually expresses the inner hatred of Leftists more than anything attributable to someone else. Use of the “hate speech” term simply comes down to whatever positions the political Left opposes. Essentially, Leftists who run the tech giants of today almost universally believe that all opposition against their agendas is rooted in “hate” and must therefore be silenced.

Stated another way, definitions of “hate” as promoted by internet gatekeepers are, not surprisingly, almost impossible to define in any logically consistent way. For example, to express pride in your culture is rejoiced if you are African-American, LGBT, female or a refugee, but to express pride in your culture if you are a Christian, male, heterosexual or Caucasian is immediately branded “hate.” Thus, the very definition of “hate” defies all attempts at a reasonable definition. It all boils down to the irrefutable realization that “hate speech” is simply any speech which contradicts the shifting narratives of the political Left.

The political Left has abandoned any willingness to participate in discussion or debate

Notably, the Left in America today no longer believes that dialog or debate can serve any useful function in achieving their authoritarian goals. With the help of internet giants, they have shifted their goals to outright censorship, a kind of online book burning in the modern world.

Voices of opposition to their agendas must never be allowed to exist at all, they believe, and this belief can only be described as a kind of “fanaticism” among the very Leftists who absurdly believe that they operate out of a monopoly on LOVE.

Leftists in America no longer believe that open dialog or debate can serve any useful function in achieving their authoritarian goals. “Hate speech” is the convenient label used to silence all opposition.

“Hate speech” has become the No. 1 justification among tech giants for banning independent media websites. When YouTube moderators, for example, encounter something they don’t like — such as a video of a #MAGA hat or the American flag — they decide to feel hateful in their own minds, allowing them to flag the video as “hate speech.”

Hate speech is the Salem Witch Trials test of the modern technology era. They throw you in a pond, and if you float, you’re obviously a witch who needs to be burned at the stake. If you sink, you’re innocent but dead. Similarly, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter moderators run your content through the virtual witch hunt of “hate speech,” declaring that if your speech makes somebody — anybody — feel offended, you must be engaged in hateful conduct, and that violates their community guidelines.

Whoever has the power to define “hate” and use it as justification for censorship has obtained the power to dictate the content of every opinion uttered online.

But who determines the definition of hate? The most hateful members of modern society, of course: The very Leftists who hate America, hate the President, hate the Constitution, hate the Bill of Rights, hate freedom of speech, hate the American flag, hate America’s Founding Fathers, hate law and order, hate the police, hate the energy industry, hate white people, hate Christians, hate God and hate almost everything else that most Americans value. Thus, the haters have been put in charge of deciding the very definition of hate speech, and they predictably wield that authority as a weapon to punish their political enemies, whom they also hate.


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