Treating eczema and dermatitis in infants

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Image: Treating eczema and dermatitis in infants

(Natural News) Skin rashes and other forms of allergic reaction on the skin are terrible, and most mothers would feel ten times worse seeing those rashes on their newborn. An entry from the American Herbalists Guild provides some natural remedies for your baby’s protection, as well your own, against infantile dermatitis. (h/t to

Infant’s treatments


  • Oral use of flax seed oil 1/4 tbsp three times a day (TID), sucked from a dropper.
  • Botanical formula containing equal parts of the following tinctures:
    • Chamomile
    • Wild violet
    • Lavender flowers
    • Wild strawberry leaf
  • Mix the tinctures into a one-oz bottle.

Dose: 12 drops of the mix in one-tbsp warm water, given in teaspoon doses TID.


  • Apply flax seed oil liberally to all affected areas, including the head. The head should be covered with a white cotton helmet hat, ties removed. Avoid using it on the chin area until the sores have cleared.
  • Avoid over bathing with soaps; dry well after bathing and face washing. These can cause over drying of the skin.
  • Avoid use of baby oils or creams.
  • Avoid over heating the skin by overdressing, too warm water, or direct sunlight.
  • Topical cream for impetigo
    • Two-oz base of chickweed cream
    • Add: essential oil of lavender flowers, yarrow flower, and balsam fir, and 1/2 tsp of goldenseal powder (Hydrastis canadensis).
    • Apply to area after washing with calendula soap two times a day (BID).

The mother can take a full dose of prenatal vitamins to help a breastfeeding baby’s immune system. (Related: Pregnancy vitamins are for baby too: Probiotic and fish oil supplement use during gestation reduce risk of childhood food allergies, eczema.)


  • One tbsp flax seed oil TID
  • One tsp pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame oil mix BID
  • Freeze-dried nettles, 300 mg four times a day (QID)
  • L. acidophilus 5 billion, TID after meals
  • Mixed bioflavoids 1,000 mg daily
  • Tea of licorice root, dandelion root, spearmint, and calendula flowers, to use two or three times daily.

At the one-month visit, the baby’s skin should have improved about 10 percent overall, with less itching. After a full three months of treatment, the baby should be 80 percent clear of the rash.

Treating baby eczema

Eczema is a complex skin condition; topical remedies don’t always address the underlying problem that is causing the eczema, such as your diet.

A good way to start healing from the symptoms of eczema is to have a diet high in healing foods such as healthy fats, and avoiding certain foods containing gluten and casein such as those in wheat and dairy, as well as food dyes and any processed ingredients. Below are other natural ingredients that may help relieve and reverse the symptoms:

  • Coconut oil — This wonder oil is good for almost any health issue in the skin, therefore it is also great for eczema. A thin layer of coconut oil or coconut oil lotion helps cool itching and pain. There are hypoallergenic coconut lotion bars available for those sensitive to coconut oil.
  • Fermented cod liver oil — Cod liver oil is a great source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, which support many bodily processes, including improving skin health.
  • Magnesium baths — Magnesium baths and other types of detox baths support skin healing. Add a cup of epsom salts or magnesium flakes and a few tablespoons of Himalayan salt to kids’ baths. Note that for some people with eczema, soaking in water makes it worse. Magnesium oil may help in this instance.
  • Probiotics — If the skin problem is diet- or gut-related, then probiotics are a great supplement for improving skin health. Fermented food and drinks such as kombucha, Kefir, sauerkraut, and lacto-fermenting almost any vegetable using whey are also helpful for establishing gut health.

Visit for more food items that can help support and improve skin health.

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