The cost of having a baby in America, by state: Alaska is most expensive, Alabama is cheapest

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Image: The cost of having a baby in America, by state: Alaska is most expensive, Alabama is cheapest

(Natural News) If you’re pregnant and plan to raise a child in the U.S., you might want to check out the FAIR Health’s map of childbirth costs in the country.

FAIR Health, a non-profit organization that provides information about healthcare costs, compiled the figures on the map. Alaska tops the list as the most expensive state to give birth, where vaginal delivery costs $5,000 more and about $7,000 more for a Caesarean section (C-section) compared to Alabama, the cheapest state.

According to data on the map, the price of childbirth may increase based on the type of delivery. For example, C-sections, which are considered major procedures, may cost at least $5,000 more than a vaginal delivery. As the most expensive state to give birth, a family will have to shell out as much as $10,413 for a vaginal delivery and $14,528 for a C-section in Alaska. (Related: Undisclosed risks of caesarean births: childhood obesity before age 5 and asthma for the newborn child.)

FAIR Health referred to figures from 2016 and 2017, which came from insurance claims data from childbirth. Take note that the data consists of the cost of prenatal care, hospital fees, and the anesthesiologist’s fee. It doesn’t include the price of caring for the newborn, which is detailed in a separate bill.

Fred Bentley, Vice President at consulting firm Avalere, explains that medical supplies are more expensive in Alaska since the state is outside the continental U.S. and supplies have to be flown in. Bentley continued that sometimes, hospitals may have to offer physicians higher salaries to convince them to work in Alaska. This means patients must also shoulder bigger fees in the state.


Hawaii, another remote state, was included in the list of the top 10 least expensive states to give birth. Vaginal birth in the state costs $5,743 and a C-section costs $8,265. It’s possible that the warm weather may have something to do with these estimated costs.

Here are the five most expensive states for vaginal birth:

  • Alaska – $10,413
  • New Jersey – $9,302
  • New York – $8,936
  • Wisconsin – $8,314
  • Connecticut – $8,102

Here are the five least expensive states for vaginal birth:

  • Alabama – $5,017
  • Utah – $5,357
  • Road Island – $5,401
  • Nebraska – $5,432
  • Kansas – $5,541

Bentley shares that competition can also influence these prices, which may be higher in areas with a dominant health care system.

These are the five most expensive states for C-section:

  • Alaska – $14,528
  • New Jersey – $13,300
  • New York – $11,887
  • Wisconsin – $11,640
  • Connecticut – $11,208

These are the five least expensive states for C-section:

  • Washington, DC – $7,439
  • Alabama – $7,730
  • Louisiana – $7,985
  • Arkansas – $8,037
  • Maine – $8,182

If you’re planning to have children in the near future, keep these figures in mind and take note of the least and most expensive states to give birth in and plan accordingly to avoid financial problems.

Cost-cutting ideas when raising a baby

If you live in a state with expensive childbirth costs, you can still save by following the tips below:

  • Borrow a breast-pump — New breast-pumps can be expensive, so check for local programs in your area that can lend you one.
  • Breastfeed while you still can — Despite coupons, baby formula is still expensive. Breastfeeding remains the cheapest option for most mothers.
  • Buy used baby clothing — Since babies grow quickly in the first year or two, you don’t need to buy them new clothes which they will soon outgrow. You can also skip the shoes, especially if they still can’t walk.
  • Make your own baby food — It’s easy to make baby food and this way, you can decide what you feed your baby.
  • Make your own baby wipes — Instead of buying baby wipes, make your own to avoid any harmful chemicals.
  • Trade disposable diapers for cloth diapers — You’ll have to shell out some money for cloth diapers, but in the long run, you’ll end up saving more than if you keep using disposable diapers.

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